The Caucus is a place where Adult Minds visit and lose themselves pleasurably to stories that titillate, excite and exhilarate. It is an Erotic Blue Room…. The Ying and Yang Arena… The time capsule for interlocking ‘loins’… The Daydream Coven…

Readers are welcome to send in their stories. Please send to:

  1. kukudo says:

    what a pleasant surprise coming across your blog, and the pleasures I’ve derived, glad to see a scintillating Nigerian erotica blog. A thousand kisses dear…

  2. ms vee says:

    A huge fan, but the the stories are slow to come in. God please give Dame the strength and will to write more and as frequent as she used to, AMENNNNNNNN.

  3. Nukob Alome says:

    Hi Dame,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog for years. I enjoy the stories a lot. I agree the stories come too few and far apart. I understand the need for quality control and plagiarism avoidance. However, I do have some skill or gift in writing and have penned a few erotic short stories just for fun in my spare time. If you don’t mind, I could send them to you to share, and if you want also, I could be developing one or two a month going forward.

    Let me know.

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