STORY SUBMITTED BY: KATHY ESAN (@kathyesan) Enjoy!!! ****************************** “Up or down?” I asked Dili as I rushed out of my room into the kitchen where she was making rubbish. Yes, I said rubbish because she couldn’t cook a damn. It was Tuesday, my second date with Akin. “Ise, what you do with your underwear isn’t […]

“GO BOOR!!!!!! “Sebi I tell you say these rebels team sabi play. No be only fine boys dem get, they dey ball”. “Abegi, it’s just luck. They aren’t that good, if only the red devils hadn’t all gotten fat”. “Na so, that’s the voice of a guy whose team is losing”. This was the scene […]

The package finally arrived. Her excitement mounted as she tried to structure her evening in her mind’s eye. “Light meal of medium-sized grilled Salmon part; 3 small balls of boiled Irish potatoes and of course, Cole slaw. A shot of Cognac to aid the digestion of her meal; a luxurious soak in her pink bath-tub… […]

She had to say the words before she lost her nerve. “Can I have a few minutes of your time.” The words were rushed; forced maybe. She held her breath… nervous… waiting… expecting the eventual dismissal. He stared at her through thick, long feminine-looking lashes. His almost permanent scowl still hogging his face with a […]