Holla!!! This post was sent in by one great dude that has, quite sadly, opted to remain anonymous. Please read and post comments of encouragement o. Its not easy to write stuff that exhilarates the mind and loins… *Sniggers* #ThankYouAnonymous…. #DameLovesYou :* * * * * * * * * * * * * * […]

This story was sent in by a reader who has chosen to stay anonymous. You can send in your own erotic story to admin@damescaucus.com Sandra dressed quickly. She was nervous even though she knew she had no reason to. She was going to see… okay no, she was going to fuck someone she had fucked […]

The package finally arrived. Her excitement mounted as she tried to structure her evening in her mind’s eye. “Light meal of medium-sized grilled Salmon part; 3 small balls of boiled Irish potatoes and of course, Cole slaw. A shot of Cognac to aid the digestion of her meal; a luxurious soak in her pink bath-tub… […]