“Up or down?” I asked Dili as I rushed out of my room into the kitchen where she was making rubbish. Yes, I said rubbish because she couldn’t cook a damn.
It was Tuesday, my second date with Akin.
“Ise, what you do with your underwear isn’t my business,” she replied not even looking at me at all.
“Ode! I meant my outfit. What should I change? The top or my pants?”
“I don’t care.”
“Pay attention, will you?” She finally turned away from the stove, her eyebrows raise.
“Please wear a gown instead.”
“Okay, good. But wait, what if it’s a casual outing; I don’t want to look overdressed”
“How on earth will I know bam bam? I am not the one going out with him”
“You are no help at all.”
I spin and head back to my bedroom and quickly change into a figure hugging, cleavage baring, red gown, then return to the kitchen.
“Nigga, its fine.”
“I don’t want fine,” I reply with a scowl. “I want sexy.”
“I am the wrong person to ask all that. You know me, I am comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt. I don’t know anything about girlie fashion.”
“I am relieved to hear that,” I reply and turn in a circle, showing off my open back. “I can’t wear a bra with this one.”
“Dear lord,” Dili says, a pained look on her face. “It’s the second date for crying out loud. At least do it with most of your clothes on.”
“That’s the point. I shouldn’t even have most clothes on.”
“You are such a slut.”
“Okay saint Dili, I have heard you.” I smile, do a little jig and run back to my room for my black heels and handbag.
“I am ready” I yell from the living room.
“Well, you don’t look bad.” She says coming out of the kitchen. “Look, I know it’s none of my business who you go out with, but I just want you to be careful. I am happy you are finally giving a man a chance after what you went through in the hands of your sorry excuse of an ex husband, but just be careful.”
I cross my arms and grin at my friend.
“I love you too. I am not marrying him; I am letting him buy me food.”
“And letting him talk you out of that dress.”
“Well…and that too.’ My grin spreads.
There is a knock on the door and I put on a calm face and answer it. As soon as I see him, my nipples pucker and I begin to sweat on my palm.
Not sexy Ise.
“Hi,” I say lamely as I try so hard to hide the fact that I am currently eating him up with my eyes. “You don’t look bad at all.”
“You are gorgeous darling,” he says as he takes my hand and kisses my fingers, sending warm currents up my arm.
“What are you in the mood for?” Akin asks as he pulls out of my house.
“I have been craving burgers for a while now.” I reply. Well, apart from trying to get into his pants.
“Burger it is.” He kisses my hand again as he maneuvers through the streets to the best burger place on the island.
“You are a touchy individual”
“I hope you aren’t offended? It’s just that it’s difficult to take my hands off you; you are very beautiful.”
“No, its fine, if I get really uncomfortable, I will let you know.”
“Thank you.” He replies and parks.
I am surprised we are already there. Akin helps me out of his car and leads me into the burger place. It is a weeknight so the places was a little quiet. We choose a table at the back, by the pool tables.
“Shall we play?” Akin asks.
“I don’t really know how, but I guess we can play. Will you teach me?”
He chooses two pool cues and makes a show of stretching his muscles. He is just so yummy.
“I will break,” he offers while I place our orders with a waitress who approaches our table.
“Good idea.”
He takes his shot and when a solid goes into the corner pocket, he says, “Looks like I am solids.”
“Oh, of course you are.” I agree and run my hands down his arm, feeling his muscles. “I love it.”
“Are you going to be trouble all night Ise?” he growls in my ear.
“I don’t know what you mean.” I smile serenely and point to the table. “Your shot.”
He misses and I circle the table to take my turn. Did I forget to mention that I lied to him about not knowing how to play pool? All those years of being in various school clubs paid off. I am damn good at it. I make sure I find a shot that puts my ass in his line of vision as I bend over the table to take aim and sink the ball in.
“Oh yay! That must have been a lucky shot.” I wink at him and bite my lips seductively at the look of lust in his eyes.
I turn to the other side, find my next shot, bend deep so he can see my cleavage and shoot the ball. Missing the pocket.
“Don’t think I am not onto your game, sugar.”
“I am playing pool.” I shrug.
Akin takes a huge bite out of his burger and then walks around the table and takes several shots, sinking all the balls.
“Nice shot.” I say when he sinks his third ball in a row.
When we finished eating, a slow song comes on. I shake my hips and dance to the rhythm. I lean over the table, still swaying my hips and shoot, missing the hole.
“Stay where you are,” Akin commands in a low voice.
I look up to him, startled, to find his eyes feral and on my ass. He walks around the table, glides one hand down my hip and butt cheek, then pulls my back against his chest and presses his mouth to my ear.
“Do you enjoy torturing me like that, Ise?”
“Like what?” I ask breathlessly.
“Bending over the table to show me your chest… swaying your hips. I am permanently hard here baby.”
Ise 1 – Akin 0.
I smile against him when he wraps his arm around me and hugs me tightly.
“I want you to fuck me.” There, I said it.
“Are you sure? I don’t want it to seem like I am pressuring you even if I want you in my bed, naked and moaning beneath me… but again, I am not one for rushing things.”
“Absolutely. I don’t feel rushed.”
“Thank God. I was wondering how long I could endure this constant hard on.”
“Same here.”
“Wait, you get a hard on?”
“Get out; you know what I mean.”
He retrieves our bill, pays, and leads me out to his car.
“By the way,” I mention casually as he drives as quickly as he can, back to his place. “I am not wearing any panties.”
He throws me a glance and presses down on his accelerator even more, making me hold on for dear life. He pulls up to his house, lifts me out of his car and carries me to his front door.
“And they say chivalry is dead.” My voice is dripping with sarcasm while I patiently wait for Akin to unlock the door.
When we are finally inside, he bolts the door then turns to me
“Wanna look around?” he asks.
“That’s not what I am here for”
“Next time then.”
I guide his shirt up over his head then drop it on the floor and take my sweet time letting my hands graze over his muscled torso. His hands are balled into fists at his side and he simply watches me as I explore him.
“I am having a hard time not touching you right now, baby.”
“I never said you couldn’t touch me.” I reply and place an open mouthed kiss over his left pec and down his stomach.
I lick a circle round his navel and down the faintest trail of hair that disappears into his jeans.
“I thought these were a myth,” I say as I trace the V in his hips with my fingers and suddenly I am lifted into the air and being carried to the bed.
“Didn’t like that?”
“I need to get you naked” he replies.
He sits me on the bed and lifts my gown over my head. Since I am eye leveled with his cock, I can see that its straining against his jeans. I reach up and unfasten the button and zipper before guiding the jeans down his hips. I reach for his cock and before he can blink, I take it in my hand and wrap my lips around the head, sucking firmly. I hate sucking cock but damn, Akins’ own needed to be worshiped.
“Holy fucking hell, Ise.”
I begin to move quickly back and forth, pumping my hand in sync with my mouth, making him crazy. He grabs my hair and holds on for dear life as I fuck him with my mouth, sucking his dick like my favorite lollypop.
“That’s right, sugar. Suck it.” He groans, pushing his head back, then looks back down at me, watching.
I tickle his balls and gently insert a finger into his ass.
“Ah shit,” he groans.
Wow, he likes it. His breath quickens and I know he is about to cum.
“Ise, you really need to stop now if you don’t want a bucket-load of my cum down your throat.”
“Hmmphh,” I reply against his dick, making no sense at all.
I take him all the way down and just when he hits the back of my throat, he blows his load down my throat.
“Ahhhh… fuck! That’s it.” He lifts me up and we are a tangle of fabrics and limbs as we strip each other down, throwing clothes haphazardly around the room.
Finally, we are facing each other, completely naked, and I can’t take my eyes off him. I can only swallow and blink, and when my gaze finds his again, he is advancing towards me. But rather than the mutual attack and scramble to make it go fast that I am expecting, he guides me back ton the bed, climbing over me, and rests his cock against my center as he covers me and brushes stray hair from my face.
“You are beautiful.”
His lips nibble mine while his eyes watch me.
“I want to make you moan.”
He kisses his way down my neck, to my collarbone.
“I want to make you cum so hard you don’t know what day it is.”
“What day is it?” I ask, teasing.
“Haha.” He laughs as he continues to lick down my navel, then farther down still and I can’t help but grip his head, not wanting him to stop.
“I like the little bit of hair you keep here.” He murmurs , brushing his nose over it, then sinks even farther and licks me from labia to clit and back down again, making my back arch right up off the bed.
“Holy fuck!”
“Mmmmn,” he agrees as he latches onto my lips and sucks, while simultaneously plunging his tongue inside me.
Dear sweet God… his mouth should be illegal.
“That’s right, Ise. Call my name.”
My head is thrashing back and forth as he resumes fucking me with his mouth and plants the pad of his thumb against my clit. I see stars and I am pretty sure that’s my voice letting out a war cry as I fall apart, cumming harder than I can remember cumming before. I can barely feel Akin kissing his way up my body, pausing here and there to bite me gently, which only sends more shivers through me until he is finally over me.
“How was that first one?”
“First one what?” I mumble incoherently. He rests his lips on mine and I can smell and taste myself.
“Orgasm,” he whispers.
“Well, that was one for the record books.” I reply as I circle my hips, rubbing my sopping wet pussy against his hard, throbbing cock. His eyes cross.
“Fuck.” He growls.
“I don’t know if you can tell by how wet I am, but I really want you inside me.”
I grip his ass in my hands, digging my nails in. He reaches for a foil packet that I didn’t even see him throw on the bed earlier. Once he has the condom in place; he does exactly that, slips inside, but stops when he is halfway in.
“Don’t stop.”
“Fuck, you’re so tight baby.”
I lift my legs up around his hips and take him the rest of the way. I roll my hips urging him to move and that unleashes the dragon in him. He doesn’t hold back any more. He pounds me, moving fast and steady.
Gosh, he cock fits me perfectly.
His thrusts are urgent and hard. His pubis hits my clit with every thrust and before long, I am seeing stars again.
“Oh fuck… You feel so good Akin.” I moan.
He grins and kisses me, devouring me until I can’t stop the orgasm that moves through me.
“Shit, I am going with you.” He groans, just before his whole body tightens and he groans as he lets go of his own release.
After about twenty minutes of panting and waiting for our bodies to slowly start relaxing, Akin pulls away and discards the condom.
“We made a mess.” I mumbled, still breathing hard.
“I don’t care.”
“Now I know what all the fuss is all about.” I say without thinking.
“What do you mean?” He asks raising an eyebrow.
“I have never had an orgasm while having sex before.”
“You have never had an orgasm?” he asks incuriously.
“Oh I have had them; not just when I was having sex with a man.”
“Have you had sex with a woman?”
“Well I am a woman, and I have had sex with myself, so yes, technically I have.” I lower my eyes shyly.
His finger tilts my chin up so I can’t avoid his gaze.
“Oh sweetness, the fun we are going to have…?”
My thighs clench at his delicious promise.
“You should get some sleep and save your strength because you will need it later… might be during the night, or in the morning, or even both,” he tells me lazily as he kisses my forehead, his fingertips lazily dragging up and down my back, making me sleepy.
“Goodnight Akin.”
“Goodnight sugar.”
Just before I wander away into la la land, I ask myself; Does this mean I won’t be doing the walk of shame tomorrow?!


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