This author of this story is @Kathyesan, who I think is an amazing Erotic writer. Y’all should be familiar with her because she’s been sending me stories and inspiring me to write more. Please drop your ‘encouraging’ comments so she can know how appreciated she is.

ThankYouKathy… DameLovesYou. :*


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“Hello, sugar.” Mo said, speaking into her phone.

“Hey baby, wagwan?”

“Boo thang, how are you. How was your trip?”

“It was splendid though I had a little delay at the airport. My designated driver didn’t arrive on time”

Somto was an IT consultant who had been married to Modurotimi for a year, eight months and five days. He was presently on a trip to Calabar for a three-days seminar.

“Awww, at least you got there safely, that’s what matters.”

“Yeah, I know. What are you up to?”

“Nothing, just lying in bed thinking about you.”

“Ha-ha, I already miss you Mo”

“I know love, I miss you more.”

Somto’s gravelly voice was in her ear, more tempting than the devil himself. “Would you like to hear what I am going to do to you once I get back?”

Yes. But she knew better than to say as much. He was unbearably arrogant.

“Tell me I have been naughty and spank me?” the words didn’t come out as sharp as she had intended. Instead, they sounded almost…. Needy.

“No…. though the thought of reddening that fine ass of yours is enough to keep me up at night but that’s not for next time.”

Something rustled, sounding almost as if he had just taken off his shirt, which was ridiculous but Mo found herself picturing him lying on his bed in the hotel room, his abs contrasting as he yanked the shirt over his head.

“I am going to strip you down and tie your hands to my bed frame. While you still testing the knots, I am going to kiss every inch of your body. Your boobs. Mo, your boobs are so fucking perfect, I could spend hours on them, cupping them… sucking on those berry nipples…. Are you touching yourself, baby?”

She jumped in shock, her free hand having just wandered down to her breast.


“Answer me.” He cut in sharply.

Her breath left her in a whoosh; the answer drawn out of her almost against her will. “Yes.”

“Good.” Another pause. “Do you want me to stop?”

Did she? Mo didn’t like phone sex. She never had. The one time she’d tried it with an ex, it had been so awkward, they had hung up without saying goodbye and she was scared it wasn’t going to be different with Somto despite the fact that he was her husband. But his voice was foreplay on its own. To have him whispering dirty things in her ear until she came would be orgasmic and it wouldn’t hurt to play along.

She licked her lips. “Don’t stop.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. “I am going to move down your body, licking my way over that sexy little dip in your stomach.”

Her hand moved down almost of its own accord, stopping just below her belly button,

“Spread your legs baby; you remember how good it feels when I touch you there. It’s going to be my mouth next time. I want the taste of you on my tongue.” He muttered.

Oh God. She spread her wetness around, her body already trembling. His breathing was harsh in her ears.

“I am stroking myself right now, thinking about how good your pussy is going to taste. Circle your clit for me, just how you like it.”

She obeyed, moaning a little. It felt different than when she normally touched herself. Hotter.

Somto cursed. “Fuck, baby I want to feel you come on my face. Slip a finger inside yourself. Tell me how wet you are.”

Another moan slipped free as she did what he demanded. She stroked herself thrice before she realized she had not answered his question. “I am so very wet.”

“And needy. I can hear it in your voice.”

It wasn’t a question but she answered anyway. “Yes.”

“I want you so much; I’m not even going to make you beg for it. I’m going to fill you up with my cock until you can’t think about anything but how good it feels. Do you want that?”

She circled her clit again, harder this time, desire so thick through her body that she could barely breathe past it. He shouldn’t be able to do this to her with only his voice.

“You are close, aren’t you, sugar?” You are hovering right there on the edge, just waiting for me to push you over.”

The pressure in her core built with each word coming out of his mouth. “Yes.”

I am going to let you come, just this once, but understand this, you don’t come again until it’s around my cock.”

She could barely string two words together but she wasn’t out of her mind enough to let that go without a response. “And if I do?” Somto actually growled “If you do, Mo, then I am going to punish you.”

He hissed out a breath, “Come for me… finger that tight pussy and come for me.”

At his command, her orgasm rolled through her, ripping a breathless shriek from her mouth. Her body spasmed and her world went dark and everything disappeared but the sound of Somto finishing on his end of the phone.

She blinked, trying to relearn how to breath. “Damn.” Mo thought. “That was out of this world.” Mo moved her hand away from between her legs and forced herself not to clench her thighs together to ride out the last little feel good sensations.


He cut in, “That was good, sugar, but it barely scratched my itch. I will see you in three days.” Then he was gone, leaving only the dial tone as company.



Mo finished her drink in a large swallow that almost made her choke. She couldn’t wait to get home. She was seated in a bar with Somto. They had stopped by on the way back from the airport.

“That woman is eye fucking you right now.”

Somto didn’t blink. “Good for her.”

She slid a little closer and jerked her chin at the woman moving towards them. She was beautiful, her body all curves, and a face that made Mo’s chest ache a little. She knew her strengths. She was cute in a big eyed way but was certainly not on the same playing field as the woman whose dark skin was gleaming in the flash lights.

Somto looked up as the woman stopped in front of their table. She smiled. “Hello Somto.”

Something flickered across his face, something that might have been annoyance.

“Hello Ekene, its been a minute. Hope you are good?” Ekene was that ex your mama warned you about.

He shook her hands and Ekene definitely held on longer than necessary. Mo slid closer again until she was pressed against his side.

“I am Mo, his wife.” Ekene raised her perfect eyebrows. Couldn’t the woman have at least a single hair out of place?

“A pleasure to meet you.” She turned her attention back to Somto. “Yes, I am fine; I am in town for a few weeks. Hopefully we can meet up for lunch to catch up.”

Holy shit. She was hitting on him right in front of Mo.

It must have been sheer insanity or jealousy that had Mo running her hand up his thigh. The muscle clenched beneath her fingers but she didn’t stop her upward movement until she was a scant inch away from his cock. She waited a breath and then another and then cupped him through his jeans using the heel of her hand to rub him. She shot a look at him but the only sign that he was under any strain was the slight tension in his jaw. “I will try to make out time.”

The bastard. He was just doing that to screw with Mo… she hoped. She didn’t want to think of the alternative.

Ekene’s gaze flickered to Mo and back to Somto. “I would like that. See you around.” Then she sauntered away, the swing in her step, temptation personified.

Mo hated her. She started to remove her hand but Somto’s hand was suddenly covering hers, effortlessly holding her in place. “Finish what you started.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to protest but the feel of his hard length in her hand was impossible to ignore. She wanted him feeling crazy and needy, the same way she was right now. So, she unbuttoned the jeans and carefully drew the zipper down.

The lights went down, leaving the entire room in shadows and lighting up the stage as a light skinned babe stepped out. Everybody in the room’s attention was on her which gave Mo the freedom to touch Somto without fear of been seen.

He wrapped is other arm around her keeping her close to his body and then leaned down. “Stroke me baby, I have been thinking about you doing it.”

She squeezed him, delight coursing through her when his eyes slit shut. Mo stroked him faster. It wasn’t enough though. She glanced around. Their booth was far enough back to be in shadows even when the lights were up. Now they were practically invisible to the rest of the bar which meant she could do what she desperately wanted to do.

Before she could think twice about it, she slithered down, stretched out around the corner of the booth. Somto might have cursed but it was hard to hear over the insistent beat of the music.

She took him into her mouth, licking her way around the head and then sliding down. He filled her until it was almost too much but she kept going. She wanted all of him. One of his hands laced through her hair, his grip tight enough to hurt.

She worked him, losing herself in the feel and taste of him, she was so distracted that she barely felt his hand sliding down her spine until he drew up her skirt and then there was only skin against skin. He slid beneath the back of her panties and down, driving a finger inside her.

Oh God. Mo moaned, taking him deeper into her mouth.

Mo sucked harder, setting her teeth against him. She felt the groan vibrate through his body so she did it again and again. He went perfectly still, his fingers still inside her and his big palm cupping her ass, her skirt up around her hips for anyone to see and then he was coming. She swallowed him down, his grip in her hair only urging her on.

When she started to sit up, he held her in place, guiding her cheek to his thigh then a second finger joined the first, taking her in short controlled thrusts, hitting all the right places. She panted against his jeans, trying, failing, to hold still. She bit him trying to stifle her moans but he didn’t let up, shoving her closer and closer to the edge. Her entire body went tight, tethering on the edge.

And then he withdrew his hand.

Mo blinked into the darkness beneath the table, trying to process what just happened or rather what didn’t. she sat up. Ready to slap him silly for leaving her hanging but Somto kissed her. When he finally released her, the entire room spun three times before everything settled into place.

“I told you before love, the next time you come is going to be around my cock.”

He dropped some naira bills on the table. “Are you ready to go?”


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