“GO BOOR!!!!!!

“Sebi I tell you say these rebels team sabi play. No be only fine boys dem get, they dey ball”.

“Abegi, it’s just luck. They aren’t that good, if only the red devils hadn’t all gotten fat”.

“Na so, that’s the voice of a guy whose team is losing”.

This was the scene occurring in the living room of Fred. It was the usual banter that occurred in Fred’s house every TPL weekend. It was still a surprise Vivian always came over to make them her world’s famous gizzdodo (a delicacy made with plantain and gizzard). I mean they were always rowdy and she just wanted to always spend the weekend cuddled up with bae while watching a movie or doing one or two things, but hey, bae’s friends were her friends.

This particular Saturday, Fred’s team was winning and she was happy. Why?? Well, a happy Fred was a horny Fred and a horny Fred always gave her the best orgasms. I can see you asking how being happy equals to horny. I don’t know and I have never asked. I really don’t care. All that mattered was she was getting her fix. Lol.

Vivian was washing the gizzards in the sink when she felt Fred walk up behind her. He turned her around to face him and she saw he had a large rectangular box in his hands. She looked up at him in question hoping she was sufficiently masking the emotional upheaval racing through her veins. He lifted the lid and inside laid a sparkling necklace in a coloured stone that Vivian had never seen before.

“What are they?” she asked.

“Chocolate diamonds surrounded by white diamonds. I hope you like it. While shopping for shirts online I saw it and decided they would look very good on you, and seeing you now, I felt what better time to give you than now”.

“They are beautiful”.

“You are beautiful”. He said and lifted the necklace from the bed of velvet and draped it around her neck. He fumbled a bit with the fastener. His hands fell to her shoulder and he kissed the nape of her neck, his fingers sliding over the necklace and her naked flesh beneath in a blatant display of ownership. Desire overcame her and beat a large cadence through her veins. Christmas definitely came early.

He stood at her back and enclosed her breasts in the palm of his hands, his thumbs stroking through the layer of clothing to her nipples beneath.
Her lashes began to dip and his nostrils flared in sexual response. When her eyes closed completely, he moved his hands under her shirt and his hands fell back to her breasts, covered now in only thin lace.

His breathing escalated as he pushed the bra down and out of his way and his hands gripped her with unrelenting strength as he caressed her nipples.
“These sweet little tits are so perfect, you don’t need a bra,” he whispered in a raspy voice in her ear, “it’s only a hindrance to me.”

His fingers plucked and pulled at her nipple rings, sending a stream of wet heat down her body to the juncture of her thighs. Her hips pushed back against him as she tried to gain control of her senses.

“My nipples will show through my clothes if I don’t wear one and your friends are around. I can’t have them thinking I am aroused at the sight of rowdy men.”

His hands stopped for a moment, “I don’t care,” he said in a voice she had never heard. “You are mine and they know that”. Saying that he unsnapped her bra and pushed it out of the way.

Her eyes flew open and she saw flecks of red on his cheekbones as he gave her a quick look before lifting her skirt to her waist and dragging her panties from her hips in a rough determined manner that left her butt bared to him in seconds.

He growled deep in his throat, seeing her in thongs did something to his insides. He struggled with his belt and all at once Vivian felt the broad head of his cock pushing into her from behind. Her pussy flooded with wet heat preparing to accommodate him. Fred was a “huge” man.

“Fred, your friends will hear me, you know I am a screamer.” She said shakily as she struggled to be quiet.

He pushed an inch inside of her, to the place where she could feel herself being gloriously and threatengly stretched and then he stopped and held her.

“I have said it before, I don’t care. I don’t want to hear any more goddamned word except you screaming my name. it’s my house, they can leave if they aren’t comfortable, understand me?”

She was silent and she waited for the excruciating pleasure she knew was coming.

He adjusted his stance, wrapped his arm around her and lifted her just enough. He plunged inside with one quick, hard thrust that impaled her and left her gasping between pain and intense pleasure.

He gave her three seconds to adjust and began pumping into her steadily. His hips rocked against hers and her breathing accelerated to match his.

She was under his control. He began thrusting into her harder and Vivian knew he was losing control. His fingers slid down to her clit and he massaged it in time with thrust. His teeth fastened on her earlobe and his words were a hiss. “This is the way I like it best. Fast. Your clothes half off and your pussy dripping for me.” He pumped steadily into her.” Just for me Vivian. I fuck you. When, where and how I want to. I like feeling you tighten against me.”

His heated words washed over her. He stiffened inside her, shoved inside her with a depth and power that stunned her and held himself there until his own orgasm took over. His finger and thumb pinched hard and Vivian screamed as pleasure overcame her. She rode the wave hard and collapsed against him and the last thing she knew was his head falling to her neck and the delicious sensation of his arm as they wrapped around her as if he’d never let her go.

Vivian walked out of the kitchen an hour later with a tray containing four steaming bowls of gizzdodo.

“Hello bae, well done. This one that your hair is scattered like this ehnn, you must have been really putting in a lot of work in the kitchen.” Femi said with a knowing smile on his face.

Vivian smiled sheepishly and went upstairs…

  1. cheryl says:

    i totally need dis kinda hawt steaming stuff, yaassssss!!!! gotta av a doze of it 2day wen i get home. bae must do it in d kitchen 2day, whhooopppps, am sweating, thumbs up Dame

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