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Sandra dressed quickly. She was nervous even though she knew she had no reason to. She was going to see… okay no, she was going to fuck someone she had fucked many times before. Many many times before. Only this time the circumstances were slightly different.

As she checked herself in the mirror her phone rang. Must be the cab guy she thought. She picked her phone, confirmed it was him letting her know he was at her gate she quickly picked her purse and with a quick glance at the mirror to make sure everything was in place, she went out to meet him.
She got into the taxi quickly, a little bit worried about amebor neighbours and their prying eyes, and almost immediately she wondered why she cared. She gave the cab guy the address of the hotel Travis had given her and sat back for the ride, her mind drifting to the thousand and one dirty things Travis had promised to do to her body. Her hot body he liked to say. She thought he liked to flatter her.

She was in her late twenties, already had a daughter who was three years old and had tried very hard to keep her body in shape. She was too lazy to do any serious exercise so keeping in shape really meant watching what she ate and praying.

“Aunty, you go like make I play music abi you wan hear FM?” The cab guy asked her, pulling her from her reverie.
“If you have slow music you can play otherwise I don’t really mind,” Sandra replied and dove right back into her thoughts.0

Her wedding ring caught her eyes and she felt a pang of guilt. Was she doing the right thing? How would her relationship with her husband feel after her tryst with Travis tonight? She took a deep breath and hoped for the best. She fingered the ring briefly, then with a sigh and a wry smile she took it off and slipped it into her purse. She would deal with the feelings later.


Travis drove slowly, his mind in a thousand places. He had told his wife he was going to Port Harcourt for a meeting and would be back the next day. Without knowing it, he had arrived at the hotel, the last few minutes had been a blur. He parked his car and quickly fired off a text to Sandra that he was waiting for her.

After checking in, he located the bar and ordered a Heineken from a female bartender who could not stop ogling him. A rerun of an Arsenal game was on so he watched it with one eye as he drank his beer and waited for Sandra.

Sandra was one hell of a woman. He had known her for a few years now, had slept with her many times over the years. She was married now and had a child, but that hadn’t deterred either of them when they were planning for tonight. He sighed as he thought of what the night would be like while trying hard to suppress his growing erection.

A couple of girls walked into the bar, one of them smiled at him. He smiled back but quickly turned back to his beer and the Arsenal game.
He wasn’t bad looking and he knew it, slim, tall with a soft smile that had charmed the pants off more girls than he could count. Now he was going to charm the pants off a married woman, not that he cared. It wouldn’t be the first time.

He looked at his watch, quickly finished his drink, asked the still ogling bartender to put the bill on his tab and dashed up to his room. Sandra should be close now maybe, the hotel wasn’t very far from her house.

Turning on the TV he saw it was still on the SuperSport channel showing the football game, he flipped until he got to CNN. He didn’t really care, he just couldn’t bear to watch the Arsenal game. They had lost that match and he was still smarting from the bashing his Chelsea fan cousin had given him.
Travis stripped to his boxers, flopped on the bed and called room service. He ordered for a bottle of champagne with two glasses to be sent up. He pulled out his phone went to his hidden gallery and scrolled through the few nudes that he had cajoled out of Sandra. None of them showed her face but it didn’t matter, her pussy in all their glorious splendour was well known to him.

The knock at the door woke him up, he had drifted to a slight slumber, or had he been daydreaming? Quickly grabbing a robe from the wardrobe he dashed to the door just as a second knock came. His dick did a little nod as if it knew what he was going to get soon. He opened the door only to find the same female bartender from the bar with the champagne he had ordered. He took the bucket with the champagne in it and held out his hand for the two glasses. She hand them to him and smiled, her eyes were straight at the small bulge.

“Do you want anything else sir? I can help you o” the suggestion in her voice was unmistakable.
“No thank you” Travis said sharply “Just put this on my tab”

He turned and kicked the door shut behind him. Placing the bucket and glasses on the table he had just taken off the robe and thrown it on the chair in the corner when there was a knock on the door.

“Na wa o” he muttered to himself as he went to open the door, not bothering to put on the robe again. He was wondering what words he would use on the bartender when he opened the door, so his mouth hung open and it took a moment before he realised it was Sandra standing there with a shy smile on her face.

“What?” she asked “Expecting someone else?”
“No o. Come in jor” Travis pulled her into a hug. He caught a whiff of her perfume, mild  but it was the kind of scent you could never forget. She stepped past him and walked into the room.

He shut the door and turned to face her, she had put her hair up in a bun so that a few strands still fell around her neck. Her low cropped top showed cleavage that indicated a not too large pair of breasts, the nipples pushing slightly to be noticed. Her miniskirt stopped just high enough to leave you wondering at what lay beneath but exposing enough thigh to leave you without a doubt as to the pleasures to be had. Her legs went on forever, blemished only by the glint of ankle chains, until they slid gracefully into bright red shoes with heels that must have been six inches at least.

Travis took all these in in one graceful glance. He had seen her body many times before but each time was like the first. Sandra had that effect on him.

“Are you just going to stand there and gawk?” Sandra broke the silence.
“I’m sorry sweets.”

Another hug, this time gentler than the first, one hand on her waist, the other on a hip. Crotch to crotch, her breasts nestled softly against his bare chest, her head resting on his shoulder.

She raised her head and looked him in the eyes and with a voice that purred and eyes that looked filled with marijuana smoke, she spoke words that almost sent Travis into an abyss.

“Do to me all those things you promised”
“No preambles? But not to worry love, with pleasure. With pleasure”

Sandra was shaking with excitement, on the way over she had played scenes so vivid in her mind that she was feeling the wetness in her pussy already. When Travis had opened the door and stood there in nothing but his boxers, the unmistakable bulge of his dick made her heart flutter. Now she could see him almost licking his lips. His lips, and places he had put those lips on.

The kiss broke the tension. Sandra was not sure she had seen Travis move so fast yet so silently, but he had closed the gap between them and was kissing her. She was kissing him right back. First the kiss was slow and tender, each of them feeling the other as if searching for something. Then the kiss became frantic, both of them panting, as though out of breath. The parted, using the pause to catch their breath. His face a mask of intensity, hers, full of desire. Wanting.

“Fuck me Travis” Souls could speak because Sandra was sure she could not have muttered those words herself.

Travis carried her and laid her on the bed,and then with deliberate efforts, took off her shoes, placing them gingerly on the floor just her hitherto thrown purse. He unbuttoned her top, slowly so that his hand brushed against her naked flesh as they were exposed. And then her skirt, he had to turn her around so he could reach the zip behind. And so Sandra lay there face down in only her bra and panties, Travis stood and stared at her, his dick straining painfully against his boxers.

Sandra turned and looked up at her knight, for that is sure what Travis looked like to her, his erect dick looking like his spear. His spear needed sharpening. She sat up, rubbed his dick through his boxers and smiled as she heard him catch his breath. She pulled the boxers off and held the dick in her hands, he was huge. Pleasantly huge she thought. She put her tongue on the tip and swirled it around, licking the sides while cupping his balls. He had recently shaved so the dick appeared even bigger. And then she sucked him, at first in slow deliberate motions, then slightly faster, Travis was panting now, yet Sandra continued to suck his cock. Occasionally she would use her tongue to slide over the tip and sometimes run it along the sides, feeling the contours formed by the veins that snaked along like rivers.

Travis loved a blow-job and Sandra knew it, so she was going to give one he would never forget. She sucked and sucked until she felt him almost buckle. She turned him around and made him sit on the bed all the while her head moving back and forth on his dick so now she was on her knees.

“Baby” his voice was breathy
“Yes love” she replied with a smile, looking up at his half closed eyes.
“Don’t kill me o”
“You will not die” she said and went right back to sucking the turgid and pulsing dick, one hand rubbing his balls, the other massaging the veined shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth.

All she wanted was a little air when she paused, but Travis had other ideas because he held her shoulders and pulled her up and in one motion laid her on her back on the bed.

“Now its your turn” Travis could not hide the huskiness in his voice, the glint in his eyes giving Sandra a hint of what was to come.

Sandra caught her breath when Travis’ lips touched her ankles, and even more so when the kisses trailed first along one leg up to her knees, and then the other. Travis trailed his tongue along her inner thighs and smiled to himself when he noticed the goosebumps that had broken out all over Sandras body. She was practically shaking when he pulled of her panties and thumbed her swollen clitoris. And then he went on his knees and buried his face in her secrets as he liked to call her pussy,he flicked his tongue on the clitoris, licked her labia and tongue-fucked her, all the while inhaling her musky scent.

Sandra’s moans were like muffled whimpers until they went up octaves and became groans of unbridled pleasure. She began thrashing on the bed and holding onto Travis’s head as he ate her pussy in ways that he had done many times before but still felt like nothing she had ever felt. He took off her bra and watched with glee as the goosebumps intensified, he wasn’t sure if it was the AC or pleasure that caused it but Travis was very pleased when he noticed how hard her nipples were. He took one in his mouth and bit on it softly,one hand slowly rubbing her dripping pussy and the other squeezing her other breast.

“Fuck me please” Sandra was sure she had just spoken those words in her mind because she was not sure she was capable of speech, so she was a bit surprised when Travis responded.

“In time, sweetheart.”

Travis went back to her pussy, his mouth digging depths of pleasurable bliss, lighting a fire in her core that threatened to blow up and spill lava like a volcano. Sandra’s thrashing and moaning increased so Travis knew she was close to climax, especially when she held his head and pressed it into her pussy.

“I’m cumming, baby!”

Travis stuck a finger into her very wet pussy and worked his tongue hard until he felt her convulse, stretching, and then her juice came flowing. Without a pause Travis climbed over her, aimed his dick at her pussy overflowing with cum and slid in, her pussy was so soft it reminded him of velvet.
Travis fucked Sandra slowly, giving her time to recover from her recent climax, time to come down from the peak he had taken her so she could gather her strength. He very well intended to take her right back there, after all he hadn’t been up there yet. She grabbed his butt, and kissed his nipples, this time it was he who had all the goosebumps.

“Turn around let me fuck you from that your sexy butt.”

Dutifully Sandra turned around and lay on her stomach, arching her back so her butt was in the air, her pussy still tingling from the assault of the last few minutes. And then there was more assault as she felt the Travis’s cock make its way into her and begin to slide in and out, the slap slap sound of his body smacking against her butt was music to the dance that was the movement of his body and hers; a ballet of sorts.

Sandra was transported to distant lands never heard of, places that could and did only exists in fairy tales. Her soul teleported and left her body alone to enjoy the physical gratification that was Travis’s dick in her pussy. She felt the build up start again, the toe curling sensation engulfed her slowly, like a river of hot lava flowing down gradients of a recently erupted mountain. The feeling coincided with the increased tempo of the thrusts of Travis’s pelvis, grunting as he pounded away. She felt she was going to explode, when he leaned on her, his weight sweetly pressing her to the bed and licked her earlobe before he whispered in her ears.

“I’m cumming baby, daddy’s cumming”
“Cum for me baby, smash that pussy its yours” her response was muffled.

Travis fucked her faster, harder, the tempo rising like a band reaching a crescendo, peaking in heights only attainable by eagles and aeroplanes. His dick dug in and out of her cunt, glistening with her wetness, pulsing with life and distributing pleasure equally between them. And then like the band that had reached its climax and crashing in its finality, they both came. Travis grunting as he spilled his seed, Sandra kegeling as though she wanted to make sure she squeezed every last drop of cum from his cock.

They laid in each others arms, not saying a word, just enjoying the occasional shivers of the aftershocks, slowly catching their breaths.
“She came twice I came last, rolled a grass” Travis singsonged, quoting a line from one of his favourite Notorious BIGs songs. Sandra elbowed him in jest.

“In your mind o, you can make me come twice, abi?”
“Need any more evidence?” Travis said as he rolled over to face her, kissing her as he finished speaking. “See how your skin is glowing already.”


They had dressed quickly afterwards, pausing only to drink the champagne Travis had ordered.

“So you will drop me at home? Or should I call the cab guy?” Sandra asked
“I will drop you. Just hope your husband wont be looking out through the window and wondering who this god is that is dropping off his wife.”
“He isn’t home. Travelled for a meeting.”
“Oh good. Maybe I can come on up then, and play with that your cute daughter. How is she by the way?”
“Great. She asked me the other day why I don’t want to give her a sister.”
Travis laughed, that throaty laugh of his that always got Sandra smiling. “And why do you not want to give her?”
“Seeing as how your pull out game was none existent today, perhaps she will get one soon,” Sandra replied with a smile.


On the drive home, Sandra brooded/. Why was this tryst of hers so enjoyable? Sex with her husband was excellent, but sex with Travis was on another universe. So she made up her mind, she would continue to fuck Travis, as often as possible. She couldn’t bear not to. He just knew how to make her feel alive, just as her husband could too. But who said she could not enjoy both her husbands and Travis’s dick? She was going to do just that.
They had arrived at her house. The drive over, there was quiet between them.

“Can I come on up?” Travis broke into her thoughts.
“Sure, Mr. Travis.”

That laugh again.

He killed the engine and came down from the car, slightly worried but amused at the same time, the whole thing was playing out interestingly. Before he could go around to open the door for her, Sandra had come down already. She too seemed a little bit amused, this was not the first time Travis had followed her home after one of their glorious experiences, but with her pussy numb with pleasure, she perhaps felt a little guilty.
They walked gingerly towards her front door went it suddenly burst open, her three year old daughter came bouncing down the short steps screaming at the top of her voice as if she knew.

“Daddy and mummy, daddy and mummy”
“Busted,” Travis said with a laugh and a twinkle in his eyes.
“This child, ehn. Spoiling our story” Sandra said, matching his laugh as she dug into her purse and took out her wedding ring and put it on.
Travis stooped and bundled the little girl, throwing her in the air and spinning her around. “I missed you, sweetheart”
“I missed you too, daddy.”
“What will you eat, honey?” Sandra asked, standing by the open front door and watching them. “This one that you have emptied the Atlantic ocean inside me, I’m sure you will be starving.”
“Ahn ahn, the role playing has finished?” Travis asked jokingly
“Yes now. Your daughter has spoilt it. You were supposed to go and come home later as my husband”

Travis, still with his daughter in his arms, went up to her and kissed her before he spoke.
“Today was glorious. Oya hail me na.”
“Yes it was. You have set me up so o. I have to think of a really good role play for next month when it is my turn.”
“Yea; you do sweets. Meanwhile, I’m starving o. I will eat poundo and okra soup.”
They laughed together as they entered the house. The little girl unaware but not caring why, laughed along as the door shut behind them.


  1. jon says:

    I f**king love the twist. Here I was thinking he is the real father of the kid, like she had the kid with him before marrying the husband only to find out it was all a roleplay thingy they had.

    I’ll keep this in my mind, when I finally get married I’ll introduce it to the wife just to spice things up.
    Kudos to you folks!

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