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I opened my eyes from a restless sleep. A glance at my phone told me the time was some minutes to 1am. Sigh! I didn’t sleep as long as I wanted. I got up, went to wee, and came back to my cold, lonely bed…… How did it get this lonely? How did I, once a vibrant soul, become so withdrawn from everyone and everything? Sigh!

I made to close my eyes again but the thoughts of my heart wouldn’t let sleep come. ‎What happened to me? What happened to make me this low?

Then my mind drifted off again and I remembered him. ‎Tall, lean build and slightly fair. I actually named him My Beautiful Lean Stallion. I met him when he ran straight into me at the hotel I was staying for a conference. He was distracted and before I could know what was happening, all my things were on the floor. He apologised profusely as he picked up all the items one after the other. Before I could come up for air, we were at the eatery across the road sharing a meal and drinks.

Now, I am a very careful person and don’t allow such around me, but I didn’t know when I gave in to this beautiful lean stallion. ‎It was as if we had known each other forever and were just catching up on old times as any two friends would. I had so much fun.

After dinner, we walked backed to our hotel. He offered to walk me to my door. On the way, he shared that he had some thoughts but felt too ashamed to voice them out. Being an inquisitive person, I pressured him and he eventually told me. We were at my room door by this time.

My eyeballs flashed wide in shock when he replied that he kept wondering what my pussy would taste like! Oh boy! Who was this crazy guy?!

I felt my pussy pulsate immediately and before I could change my mind, I entered my room and told him to come in and shut the door after him. ‎I could see the surprise on his face, but I didn’t care. I went into the bathroom and returned naked to the room. His mouth fell open. I walked to the sofa beside the bed and sat with my thighs spread apart, one leg on an arm rest. He stood there transfixed until I asked him, “What are you waiting for?”

And then he bolted into action. I had no idea what I had signed up for until he got down on me and kissed and sucked every part of me as I’ve never experienced before. ‎Orgasm after orgasm washed over me so much that I became so liquid. And he wasn’t done yet. He carried me off the chair, laid me on the bed and proceeded to worship my body. He paid detailed attention to every part of my body. Aaaaaaah! Could this be true? Was this happening to me?

After he finished all these, he then entered my overloved pussy with his massive dick. His dick felt so good inside my pussy. It was like a homecoming. I didn’t know when the tears slipped out and I held on to him in loving ecstasy. ‎He had set out to fuck, but we ended up making love – every part of our body in sync. Surely, we were made for each other and we both couldn’t let go. After series of orgasms for me, my beautiful lean stallion exploded in me. I’ve never had it that beautiful, deep and explosive in all my life. I was hooked on this guy and felt no shame about it.

After We both exploded, he rolled off and cuddled me in his arms until we both dozed off.

The rest of that night was a time of discovery for me because my beautiful lean stallion kept pushing and I kept meeting him. It was mad fun all through and we were both sad when dawn broke. ‎As the light seeped in through the curtains, my beautiful lean stallion worshiped and loved my body again as if he didn’t want to let go. I held onto him as we made love knowing that was the last time we would see. We made love, pouring all of ourselves into one another. It was beautiful. We became one in the essence of the word. We knew it was time stolen out of time and we gave all knowing it wouldn’t last more than just that one night. I slept off in his arms, a satisfied and satiated woman.

Some time later, I woke up to the click of the door lock. My beautiful lean stallion had gone. ‎I rolled over on the bed and wept. How could something this good be just a one night stand? Why couldn’t I have him for me? I later checked out of the hotel, leaving my heart in that room of unforgettable moments. I took a cab to the airport for my flight home. ‎It was a great conference and I also had the best night of my life.

I was received at the airport by the my husband. The morbid coldness that had brewed between us for years was still present. Hello, stranger! We proceeded home and resumed going through the motions of normalcy. This is the fifth month since that night but it still feels like yesterday. How I keep longing for him. Will I ever get over my beautiful lean stallion? Sigh!

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