*Dodges flying slippers… Pots… Carkeys… Pant*

Don’t ‘Slew’ me just yet. Na vexation, brokeness and pepperbody naim make me no gree write o. Sometimes, one gets really tired of dishing out stories with little or no appreciation. Worse still, certain elements try to undermine my hard work by claiming that I ‘Copy & Paste’ from other Erotic blogs. That REALLY hurts. Especially when they make these claims on SOCIAL MEDIA with the sole aim of rubbishing my person.

Anyway, enough about me. Today is about @midnightsun84…. an absolute sweetheart who tried to juggle me EROTIC MOJO by sending in this short, yet EROTIC piece.

Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did.

Toodles!*Shakes growing but saggy ikebe away*


I miss you; everything about you. I can’t concentrate on this voice that is droning on, all I’m aware of is how much I miss you.
I miss the little things; your smile, the little dimple in your left cheek, the crinkle of your eyes that accompany your laughter, I miss your large, firm hands, and I miss your mouth…your soft, supple lips.

I miss your honeyed voice, deep, sweet baritone that always drives me crazy. The way you whispered oh so softly to me, ‘touch yourself’, your eyes dark pools of desire burning through me. ‘Touch yourself for me’ you said again, guiding my hand to my secret button. Lost in your gaze, my fingers moved in circles around it, moisture pooling between my thighs as I watched you watching me touch myself for your pleasure.

I remember vividly how you replaced my fingers with your mouth as I neared the edge, I bucked and raised my hips in shock at the firm, steady pressure of your tongue, warm and wet at the same darn time on my clit. You licked, flicked, sucked and twirled it around that tiny button till I lost my mind. I exploded in your mouth with your name on my lips, completely sated.

But there was more to come. Long, drugging kisses as I tasted myself off my tongue. More moisture pooled at the juncture you’d just licked clean when you tweaked a nipple and I shuddered in response. I wanted to return the favor, take your length in my mouth and circle the cap with my tongue, I wanted to feel you at the back of my throat, I wanted you to explode in my mouth, I wanted to taste your essence. But you didn’t give me the chance, before I knew it I was flat on my back with legs on your shoulders. You ran your fingers lightly down my parted thighs and I shivered with need. Holding my gaze, you slid into me, inch by agonizingly delicious inch, till you were fully impaled.

And then you began to move, I screamed in pleasure. Long, deep strokes that I seemed to feel at the base of my throat. Swift, sure strokes that filled me up and turned me inside out. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, I was lost in penile deliriousness, my hands were everywhere, I fisted them in my own hair and in the sheets, I grabbed the headboard as I moved my hips in sync to meet your thrusts. You paused for a minute and my eyes flew open in protest, then you tenderly linked our fingers and covered my palms with yours. Holding my gaze, you slid slowly into me and out again, my body shuddered with the intensity and on the fifth thrust, I fell over the edge and crashed.

All tenderness gone, you flipped me over like a sack of potatoes and thrust into me, hard. I was left with no choice but to back my ass up on you. The strokes were fast and rough, my ass jiggled with every movement and I had to hold on to headboard for support. SMACK! I felt the sting of your palm on my butt and a corresponding throb on my clit. More spanks followed; sharp, calculated smacks that tingled deliciously and smarted with pleasure. I couldn’t hold out much longer, I was going to cum again. The sensations were too much; the fullness of you sliding rhythmically in and out of my wetness, the jiggling of my ass in response and the sting of your smacks hurled me over the edge and you followed a nanosecond after with a groan that sounded like music to my ears.

Oh how I miss you. The droning voice cut through my daydream and almost jolts me back to reality, I’m soaking wet. Crossing my legs and shifting uncomfortably in my seat, there’s an unexpected jolt of pleasure as my clit brushes against the ridge of my jeans. Casting a furtive look around the lecture hall, I see that no one is paying attention to neither the lecturer nor me, half the class is asleep and the other half are busy on their phones.

Tentatively, I repeat the movement, and repeat it again and again, closing my eyes and remembering your mouth and hands and lips on me. In less than two minutes, I cum. In a lecture hall. Surrounded by people but with only you on my mind. I lay back in my chair with a faint smile on my lips, this secret pleasure was going to be my escape from boring classes from now on.

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