It was morning in the compound. The usual noise of running water from the tap at the backyard could be heard. Several of the tenants were queued in a single line, awaiting their turn to fill up their buckets, jerrycans, basins and kegs with water. A few meters away from the tap was a general kitchen, long enough to contain several stoves and small kitchen cupboard. As is usual with communal kitchens, most tenants abandoned it, preferring to cook in their corridors or inside their small rooms.

The communal kitchen was mostly used by Maale, the elderly food vendor. That morning, Maale was scooping rice into her coolers, while her serving girls scurried back and forth with other filled coolers, stacking them neatly at the back of a waiting ‘Keke Marwa.’

Mama Chinelo, as usual, had found a reason to grumble and quarrel with her husband. Everyone was used to her squabbles so no one paid them any mind.

Mama Aborbor had just opened her kiosk and was arranging her goods in it.

As to be expected, Sister Caro was blasting Praise and Worship songs; the music almost drowning out human convo and making everyone speak in loud voices. The song was supposedly an English Praise song but the singer’s thick Igbo accent got in the way of the lyrics and rudely mangled it. No one seemed annoyed though. They were used to it. It was an integral part of living on 231 Kyros Street.

Pepper’s door opened and Equi sauntered out, clad in only a wrapper that was tied around her very succulent body. Equi presently held the record for LONGEST GIRLFRIEND in Pepper’s life. The tenants of the notorious “Chaos Compound” had been introduced to the ever-smiling Ekwutosinammadu aka Equitox, months ago when she sauntered in one evening, asking for Pepper. Bomboy, Akpojor, Solo and a few of the compound “Niggahs” had been automatically taken by her. Equitox was a buxom wench to boot… Her breasts were full and round, she had incredibly slim waist and her buttocks protruded deliciously and hugged her jeans snugly. But what killed the young boys about Pepper’s latest girlfriend was her “doll-baby” face and amazing dimples. Pepper seemed to have hit the girlfriend jackpot on this one, if their ‘nightly activity’ was anything to go by. The compound, for once, experienced a different moan pattern from Pepper’s room.

Instead of the usual “Heeeeyy… yeeeeeeeh… Pepper ooo… Pepper don kee me,” that usually rang out from Pepper’s bedroom in breathy, weepy, ecstatic moans, their ears were now assailed with the gruff proclamations of Pepper’s orgasmic commentary.“Equiiiii…. Arrrrghh… See toto abeg…. E too sweet oooo…. Equiiii… Equiiii…. Aiiiiyyyyy…. I dey Trowaaaaaaaay… Yaaaa… Yaaaaaa… Equiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

The, oftentimes, graphic commentary usually ended in sudden silence that signaled the end of his emotional ordeal. Obvious to all was the crystal clear fact that Pepper had found his sexual match. Two months down the line, Equitox had graduated from “Broda Pepper’s chuchu” to “Broda Pepper’s babe” and finally “Broda Pepper’s Iyawo.”

Equi emerged from the room with a bucket; her whole body vibrating tantalizingly and making the young boys adjust their trousers as she jiggled towards the queue at the tap.

Equi: Una good morning o. Maale Goodmorning. Paale Sofri, Sofri o… That cooler be like say e heavy…

The responses to her greetings were unanimous and pleasant. Everyone liked Equi… They couldn’t help themselves. She was way too pretty and charming. Even The ever sourly Chinelo and her ‘sisters in smell’ were quite pleasant to her. Everyone, except mama Aborbor. Equi dropped her bucket and announced that she wanted to quickly get some things from Mama Arbor’s kiosk. Akporjor took it upon himself to guard her bucket while she jiggled off towards the kiosk outside the compound.

Mama Aborbor was arranging eggs in a crate when she spied Equi heading towards her. She couldn’t help the scowl that settled on her face.

Equi: Morning o… Abeg, I wan buy cowbell choco, Tower bread and 5 egg.

Mama Aborbor did not respond to her greeting. Instead, she began to pack up the things the younger girl had requested and stuffed them in a yellow nylon bag, her scowl forming grooves between her brows. Equi noticed the woman’s countenance but said nothing. She had never understood why the woman didn’t like her and had never bothered about it until today. Mama Aborbor handed her the nylon bag with a careless shove and turned back to her kiosk. Equi grabbed the bag, making sure the eggs had not cracked before handing her One thousand Naira note. Mama Aborbor looked at the money irritably.

Mama Aborbor: You nor know say na early morrin be dis? Where you want make I see one thousand naira shange?

Equi: Uhm! Ok. I go bring your money for you after. But abeg, I wan axe you wan queshon. Wetin I do you? I offend you?

Mama Aborbor: I tell you say you offend me?

Equi: …But I nor understand your character. You dey do like say I do you sontin.

Mama Aborbor: You nor do me anytin. Abeg I dey kant my egg. Make I no go break any one by mistake.

Mama Aborbor turned away coldly, signaling an end to the conversation. Equi gave the woman one last penetrating look before turning away. She took the things into Pepper’s room and hissed aloud as soon as the door closed behind her. Pepper lay spreadeagled on his mattress, casually caressing his balls while he read through an old Complete Sports Newspaper. He was naked and unabashed. He looked away from the paper for a brief second and noticed Equi’s face twisted in displeasure.

Pepper: Na Wetin?

Equi: Na dat Mama Aborbor woman! I nor go dey buy sontin from her hand again. I nor like her character.

At the mention of Mama Aborbor, Pepper’s limp preek did a weak nod.

Pepper: Wetin she do?

Equi: She dey behave one kain. Anytime I go buy sontin for her hand, she go dey do like say me and am get quarrel before. Abeg, I go dey go Mama Chekube place go buy anytin wey I want. I nor get time for person wey go dey carry face up and down!

Pepper pretended to go back to his reading, shielding his face and smile with the paper.


After the police station debacle, Mama Aborbor had avoided him like a plague. He guessed he couldn’t blame her… All eyes had been on them for a few weeks. Pepper had watched her like a hawk… Needing her with a fever he couldn’t explain. For every erection brought on by Mama Aborbor, his girlfriend at that time paid the price. The poor girl had assumed that he had finally fallen in love with her so without asking, she had moved her things into his house. Mama Aborbor, who had been avoiding him, suddenly turned icy cold when the girl became a permanent fixture in Pepper’s room. Pepper couldn’t have that. He still had plans to fuck Mama Aborbor and didn’t want this girl ‘chin-gumming’ him unnecessarily.

The girl was whisked out of the compound, amidst tears, the very next day. Pepper had accused her of giving him Syphilis and she had called on every deity known to man to plead her innocence.

Pepper began to plan for another session with Mama Aborbor. She seemed to thaw towards him as soon as his girlfriend left and even became openly friendly; but getting her into his room proved to be a difficult task. There was always someone in the compound whenever he was around and that seemed to quell his moves. After several days of rotten luck, he managed to corner her one evening on her way from Church. She had decided to take the Mechanic Village shortcut and was walking fast. Pepper had been leaning by a broken down car, smoking ‘Igbo’ and swigging leisurely from a bottle of Squadron. When he saw the lonely figure coming down the dark road, he assumed it was one of local teenage boys or probably a hawker returning home. As the figure neared the Mechanic Workshop, Pepper flashed his small torchlight and saw that it was Mama Aborbor. His erection came swiftly at the sight of her in her “Mary Amaka” gown. Mama Aborbor stopped in temporary shock and screamed a warning aloud.

Mama Aborbor: Na who dey dia? I go shout make OPC come out o.

Pepper showed himself and smiled when he saw her exhale in relief.

Mama Aborbor: Ha! Broda Pepper, you nearly make me ‘fent’ with fear. Wetin you dey do here for dis dark place?

Pepper: I dey Shoko… Come, you dey dodge me since, abi?

Mama Aborbor: I nor dodge you. You know say my husband don dey shine eye for where I dey. I nor want make him drive me comot o. Where I wan go with my pikin dem?

Pepper: Come make we go discuss am.

Without waiting for her consent, Pepper pulled her hand and led her into the dark Mechanic workshop. Mama Aborbor looked around furtively to ensure that no one was around then put up a feeble protest as he led her to an empty, broken down ‘danfo’. The back seats of the bus had been yanked out, leaving space therein. Pepper entered the bus and pulled her along with him. The space at the back of the bus was lined with cartons, an old bus seat and a flat-looking pillow. This was obviously someone’s makeshift bedroom. Mama Aborbor panicked and turned to Pepper in fear.

Mama Aborbor: Broda Pepper, my heart dey cut o. Make we comot here.

Pepper: Coo Dan! I just want make we talk small.

Mama Aborbor: We for talk outside.

Pepper: Na wa for you o. Make we talk outside so that when person pass come see us, dem go go teh your husband say dem jam you and me for kohroh abi?

Mama Aborbor: (sigh) Oya talk Wetin you wan talk quick. Night don come.

Pepper: I don miss you wella. The other day, you just wan kee me… You go wear short knicker come dey bend-down anyhow. If you see as my preek strong eh? I nearly wan enter that una room come fuck you o.

Mama Aborbor: Heeey! Broda Pepper…

Pepper: True to God! Agro wey hole me dat day ehn?

Mama Aborbor: (Shyly) You for call your gehfriend na…

Pepper: Gehfriend wey I pursue becos of you?

Mama Aborbor: Why you pursue am? I send you message?

Pepper: You wey dey vex for me anyhow because you see me with anoda woman.

Mama Aborbor: Why I go vex for you? I be your gehfriend?

Pepper: Before? You nor be my gehfriend?

Mama Aborbor: Abeg o… I nor be your gehfriend.

Pepper: Eheh??? Na so? You wey I dey plan say if I go my next trip I go dash you 10k to hep your market… You come dey say you nor be my gehfriend… No wahala.

Mama Aborbor: Broda Pepper, you sef know how everi be na.

Pepper: So you nor miss me?

Mama Aborbor: (Shy giggle) I miss you small sha.

Pepper: I miss you well-well o. As we dey talk so, my preek don stand gidigbam!

Mama Aborbor: (Looks around frantically) Ha! Broda Pepper

Pepper: Touch am make you see na… You tink say I dey play?

He reached for her hand and guided it towards his massive bulge. Her hand closed over it and a sudden longing engulfed her. She’d missed Pepper alot and often replayed their lovemaking sessions in her head. She sighed wistfully.

Pepper: See as e strong? And e dey pain me o.

Mama Aborbor: I know Wetin you want, but we nor go fit do am for here…

Pepper: Why we nor go fit?

Mama Aborbor: …because here get as e be. What if OPC people come?

Pepper: The OPC boys dey Tight Tiro… I see dem dey negotiate when I escort my friend.

Mama Aborbor: (Uncertainly) Dis kain place no good to fuck na?

Pepper: We no go do changing style. I swear! Space no dey for dat kain wan. Make I just suck your bress small then you go turn back for me…

Mama Aborbor: Ohhhh…. I nor want dis kain wan o.

Pepper: Ok you nor want? No wahala, I nor dey force woman. If you no want, make I free you. The preek go juss waste but e go everly go down. If e no go down, na Tight Tiro get me dis night.

The thought of Pepper sleeping with any of the prostitutes at Tight Tiro Hotel sent a flare of jealous through her. Mama Aborbor sighed again and unbuttoned her blouse mid-way. Her full, slightly saggy breasts were freed from her bra and without waiting for her prompt, Pepper pounced on them hungrily. He squeezed and sucked, making smacking noises and letting out hungry growls. He reached down, parted her legs slightly to give his hands access to her pussy. As soon as his fingers touched the crotch of her panties, he groaned.

Pepper: Aaaah… See as your paent wet. Oya turn your back gimme….

Mama Aborbor obeyed, got on all fours and turned her ass towards him. Pepper lifted up her gown, grateful for the flare, and pulled down her panties till it rested around her knees. With an eagerness that made his hands shake, he unbuttoned his trousers and removed it; he wasn’t wearing boxers underneath. His huge penis throbbed with need and he stroked it a few times before guiding it towards Mama Aborbor’s core. His preek made impact and he tried to burrow in but Mama Aborbor drew back in horror.

Mama Aborbor: Nor be my toto be dat na… you wan put am for my nyash hole?

Pepper: (Gruffly) Sorry… nor vex. I nor dey see. Dis place dark.

He aimed the preek further down, making sure to caress the head against her, to feel her wetness. At last, he found her wet core and pushed in. He heard her gasp and groaned aloud as her pussy took him in, engulfing his preek into her warm folds. Pepper squeezed her buttocks roughly, pushing the huge ‘buns’ together as he buried himself fully inside her. She moaned and scratched at something in the dark as he thrust into her slowly.

Pepper: Aaaah… E don tay wey I ‘test’ dis toto… I don miss you o. You nor go teh me say you miss me back?

Mama Aborbor: (Muffled) I miss you Broda Pepper… I miss you back.

Pepper continued fucking her in slow strokes, enjoying the way her buttocks slammed at his pelvis and jiggled tantalizingly. He increased his pace and she moaned louder.

Mama Aborbor: Yeeeeeh… Broda Pepper…. Yeeeeh….

Pepper fucked her on and on, his pace increasing as her moans got louder. His pelvis hit her buttocks continuously and made slapping noises while the bus rocked with their movement. Mama Aborbor could not hold back her screams of ecstasy and the Mechanic Village reverberated with her yelps of “Broda Pepper don kee me o…. Aaaaaah…. ”

After a few more hard thrusts, Pepper began to breathe hard, grabbing her waist and nearly doubling over her as he neared orgasm.

Pepper: Aarrrrrrrgghhhh…. Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhh….. I wan tro…. I dey troway! I dey troway!! I… deeeeey troooooowaaaaaaay!!!

He pressed into her till there was not an inch of his preek left outside, shooting cum into her and jerking in erotic spasm. Mama Aborbor’s screams had turned into orgasmic whimpers, her face buried in the flat, musky smelling pillow she had been clutching for dear life. Pepper pulled out of her and collapsed tiredly on the floor of the bus next to her, breathing hard. The bus shook precariously and made Mama Aborbor exclaim in fear. They stayed in silence, catching their breath and tried to listen if anyone had happened by in the dark.


Pepper’s smile broaden behind his paper. There was a certain perverse joy he derived from fucking Mama Aborbor. After that session at the mechanic village, Mama Aborbor had been more than nice to him. Twice, she had helped him make soup and had not objected when Pepper openly referred to her as his “babe” in the presence of other neighbors.


Pepper: Mama Aborborlistic! Har far nah? See as you dey fresh…

Mama Akpojor: Nor be small fresh she dey fresh o. E be like say Papa Aborbor dey take care of you well… Abi you don enter university of belle?

Mama Aborbor: (Laugh) Nor be only university of belle. Abeg o… The wan wey I born don do me.

Pepper: Who wan give my ‘babe’ belle? She nor dey born again abeg… The nest belle wey she go carry go be my own.

Mama Akpojor: Pepper!!! Persin wife!!!!!!

Pepper: Yes na! Abi dem dey carry rumor say na my ‘babe’? Ehn… Na me she suppose get belle for na.

Maale: Make Papa Aborbor hear you dey call him wife your babe. Una go enter station again.

Pepper: Maale bone mata! Dem nor born am well! I know say him dey inside and him dey hear Wetin we dey talk… Inshort, my babe, I wan buy toilet roll… Make him come outside if him get four head!!!!


The other neighbors had laughed it away as a joke but between Pepper and Mama Aborbor, they knew the truth was buried in there. That was two months ago though; right before he’d met Equitox on one of his delivery trips to Enugu. He knew Mama Aborbor’s sour countenance towards Equi was spurred by red-hot jealousy but in this case, he couldn’t help it and he didn’t want to send Equitox away. For the first time in his life, Pepper had met a girl that could match him sexually and he would be stupid to let her go because of a married woman.

He stroked his hard preek slowly, watching Equitox light up the stove, her frown still in place. The thought of Mama Aborbor gave him a hard-on but the only person that could comfortably sate his need was his beautiful, young girlfriend.

Pepper: Come! Where you Equi…?

Equi was still unhappy and muttering to herself. She was not pleased with Pepper’s silence as regards her complaint about Mama Aborbor. She turned to him reluctantly.

Equi: Wetin?

Pepper: Oya come siddon on top dis preek abeg. Hungry dey cash am…

Equi sighed; the sight of the hard, throbbing preek with its conspicuous veins popping out sent heat down her loins. She was naked underneath her wrapper. She got up, flung the wrapper aside and walked up to him, naked and jiggling.

Equi: I still dey vex o Pepper

Pepper: Siddon on top preek make I see wheda your vex no go clear sharply!

Equi smiled at him… Her beautiful face brightened and her eyes narrowed with heat as she posed to take his throbbing preek into her soft wet core.

THE END?????

    • ik says:

      Did u ever love in one? I lived in one….some time ago….it can be very upsetting…but sometimes fun…and those times are worth it…

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