Something was not right but Papa Aborbor couldn’t place his hand on it. He had returned home four nights ago to meet his wife in a state of panic. He greeted her and she jumped in fear. He spoke to her and she jumped again. He asked her what was wrong and she stammered till she burst into tears. He suspected that a member of her family was critically ill and since Mama Aborbor was too distraught to tell him, he pretended not to notice her panicked behavior. His okada business wasn’t generating that much money and he didn’t have enough to spare for any ailing in-law at the moment.
Chinelo: “I wan buy Indomie o…. Mama Aborbor!!! I wan buy Indomie…”

That was another thing that puzzled Papa Aborbor. Chinelo’s attitude. It wasn’t like she had a sterling character; on a good day, she was rude, dirty and loose. On a bad day, she was Satan’s bride. Even Papa Aborbor, whose thirst for prostitutes was renowned, wondered at the boys/men that slept with her. She obviously had inherited the he-goat smell from her mother, coupled with her terrible character and penchant for street fights. But what Papa Aborbor couldn’t understand was the impetus by which Chinelo called or spoke to his wife. Papa Aborbor got up from the bed; his limp linguini-looking penis hanging down sadly. He tied a wrapper around his waist and went out.

Standing by the kiosk, Chinelo had selected 5 large packets of noodles and was squeezing them into a black nylon bag. Papa Aborbor approached her with a frown.

Papa Aborbor: “You don collect indomie… wey money?”

Chinelo: Tell Mama Aborbor say na me collect am. She go understand!”

Chinelo left the scene with the noodles, leaving her body odor behind. Papa Aborbor frowned. He had noticed that Chinelo bought things more frequently in the last few days and never paid a kobo. He decided he’d ask his wife when she returned from the market. He was about to enter the compound when he noticed Pepper’s truck parking down the road. He stood and watched the young man alight from the truck, dragging a bagco super-sack bag with him. Pepper had obviously returned from a trip and from the looks of it, he‘d made some small money. He wore a striped long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans that he managed to sag down and expose fresh Aba made Calvin Klein boxers. Pepper smiled broadly at him as he approached and Papa Aborbor scowled and turned away.

Pepper: Papa Aborbor? How far na? How your okada business?

Papa Aborbor ignored him and headed towards his room. But Pepper wasn’t done.

Pepper: How that your sweet wife?

Papa Aborbor stopped and turned angrily towards him.

Papa Aborbor: Pepper… respect yoursef! I don warn you make you nor dey look my wife o.

Pepper: (Laughs) Coo dan! If I tell you say your wife nor fine now, you go still vex!

Papa Aborbor ignored him and entered his room. Pepper laughed and entered his own room. Pepper’s room had been locked for the three days he travelled and was now stuffy. He dropped the Bagco super-sack and opened his windows. His bed was unmade and the room was untidy. With a sigh, he stripped off his clothes, save for his boxers and began to tidy and clean his room. He was busy stuffing his dirty clothes into a small laundry basket, unaware that he wasn’t alone. But a sudden waft tugged at his nostrils and he looked round, trying to pick out the direction of the smell.
Standing with her back pressed on the door, was Chinelo with an impish smile. On hearing Pepper’s voice, she had peeked through their room window in excitement. She ignored the water she’d set on the stove for the noodles, dashed to the single zinced bathroom that everyone shared in the compound and washed her pussy thoroughly. She hurried back into their room and fumigated herself with ERATO – a cheap deodorant she kept for special ‘outing’ purposes. She aimed another blast of ERATO at her pussy; changed underwear and stealthily snuck into Pepper’s room. She stood by the door, barely trying to contain herself and her quivering loins… But Pepper did not smile back at her.

Chinelo: Broda Pepper… wehcome

Pepper: Eheh… Chinelo. How una dey?

Chinelo: We dey fine… you dey clean your room. make I hep you.

Pepper: No worry, I don clean finish.

Chinelo: E be like say you wan was cloth… make I hep you na?

Pepper: Chinelo, no worry. I go do that one after. I jus wan clean the room, baff, chop and sleep.

Chinelo looked around and noticed that his pots were empty.

Chinelo: But, you no get food for house. Abi make I hep you go buy food for maale place?

Pepper was quite astounded by Chinelo’s sudden helpfulness. He knew something was amiss but he didn’t want to quiz her. he wanted to know “Why” and “How Far” she could take her niceness to.

Pepper: Ehn, go hep me buy food. Tell maale to sell jellof 80card, macaroni 20card, ask am weda she get salad… if she get, make she put salad 50card. Tell am make she put plenty bama for the salad o… or else, you go return am!

Chinelo: …Meat nkor?

Pepper: Make she put 2 egg and 2 fish. Tell am say I no want fish head o. Na tail I want. Then if change remain, hep me take am buy Orobo Mirinda and one alomo.

Chinelo, acting all diligent and submissive, picked a covered bowl from Pepper’s dish-rack and exits his room. Pepper smiled mischievously and shook his head after her exit. Chinelo could only be this nice to him for one purpose and one purpose only. She wanted to be fucked. Pepper chuckled at the thought. He had no intention of obliging Chinelo the services of his preek. He hated fucking teenagers and girls in their early 20s. Sex to them was a competition. they never relaxed enough to appreciate his preek and always wanted to prove to him that they were experienced in sexual matters. Pepper loved women that lay back and took his monstrosity like heroes.. they cry of excitement and pleasure was his reward. When he looked at their faces and saw them reaching heaven via his thrusts, he felt fulfilled.

The thought of sex made his preek nod weakly but he needed to eat before pondering who he’d want to call. He laid back on his mattress and slipped his hand into his boxers, stroking his dick lazily and playing with his growing tuft of pubis hair while he waited for Chinelo to return with his food. He had fucked the DPO of a station in Sagamu 2 days earlier and the woman’s screams reminded him of Mama Aborbor. At the thought of Mama Aborbor, he stiffened a little more. His truck had been unlawfully arrested at Sagamu and taken to a station in that area. The DPO turned out to be a woman, who talked tough and was proving to be difficult. Pepper had to utilize EVERY charm he possessed, to woo the woman. While she reeled out spurious offences that had suddenly been heaped on him, he occasionally reached down to tug at the crotch of his trousers. He did that severally till the woman’s eye inadvertently travelled down that part. From the look she gave him after that, he KNEW she had swallowed the bait. She sent away the other officers under the guise of negotiating with Pepper, locked her office door and walked up to him fearlessly.

DPO: Wetin dey do you wey you dey scratch blokos up and down?

Pepper: Ahn-Ahn Madam… I dey scratch am because I dey sweat. This arrest wey una arrest me make me fear…

DPO: You dey sweat for blokos? You nor be man again? Why you dey fear?

Then she reached and grabbed his crotch. Peppers preek throbbed and hardened. The DPO’s eyes glazed over.

DPO: This your preek na he-leh-leh o. Wetin small boy like you dey do wit dis kain preek?

Pepper: Madam, I nor be small boy o. No let my small body deceive you o.

The DPO smiled,walked towards the only window in the office and closed the curtains.

DPO: If you nor be small boy, oya drop your trawzer make I see weda na real…
Pepper lived for this moment. He gladly dropped his trousers and brought out his dick from his boxers. Sensing fresh air, the dick enlarged and throbbed.

DPO: Okume! Heeey… your gehfrien  go dey enjoy o…

Pepper wasted no time after that. His truck was at stake and he needed to complete his journey so he could get paid. He was all over the DPO like a starved puppy. He unbuttoned her uniform, freed her ample but saggy mammaries from their granny-bra and hungrily tugged at her nipples with his mouth. She hastily zipped down her skirt, removed her underwear, tugged of her tights and finally stepped out of her yellow polka-dot panties. Pepper didn’t look down to admire her  body. he’d caught a glimpse of angry stretch marks that looked like angry scrawls from a mischievous child’s pencil and didn’t want to see further. He stopped briefly to get a condom out of his small man-purse, slipped on the condom and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of Madam DPO. He spread her apart on her small table, mounted her and fucked her till the table threatened to give way. Every furniture creaked in response to the belabored table, adding more sound to Madam DPO’s screams of pleasure.

DPO: Mister Pepper… Mister Pepper… Missssssterrrrr Peeeppp… Yeh, Yeh, Yeeeeeeeeh o. I don die ooooo.

Pepper: Ma—madam….. sofri… sofri…. arrrrrgh…. yes…. jack dat nyash for me…. jack am! Arrrggggh….

When Pepper eventually came, Madam DPO was too weak to think coherently. She managed to pull herself together and barely managed to maintain composure as she ordered Pepper’s truck to be let off. From the look on the faces of her subordinates, Pepper could tell that they KNEW albeit, HEARD what had taken place in the DPO’s office but were not brave enough to mention it openly. He vowed to visit Sagamu soon. he needed to maintain a certain level of friendship with the police. They might come in handy with time.

Chinelo returned with his food only to find him sprawled on his bed, his hand in his boxers, slowly stroking his dick. The sight made her wet instantly but she didn’t show it just yet. He needed to eat. She presented him with the food and he wasted no time chowing down while she busied herself by helping him fetch water from the tap outside, into his small drum. when he was done eating, she took the bowl out to wash while he laid back and sipped on his alomo and mirinda mixture. Chinelo walked up to him with a smile after placing washed bowl on the dish rack.

Chinelo: Broda Pepper… I don finish

Pepper: Ok na Chinelo. Thank you ehn?! E go be everly…

Chinelo’s smile faltered. She looked at his dick, realized it was still semi-turgid and looked me square in the eye.

Chinelo: E go be ke? Ah… broda Pepper, I want make e be now o…

Pepper: (Feigning confusion) Wetin wan be now? Oh make i square you lalas?

Pepper reaches for his wallet and makes to get out some money.

Chinelo: No… make you fuck me na…

Pepper stops and gives her a slow once over. then he raises one eyebrow sarcastically

Pepper: Fuck who? You?

Chinelo didn’t miss the disdain in Pepper’s voice and suddenly spite overrode her thoughts.

Chinelo: Yes nah. If you fit fuck Mama Aborbor, why you no go fit fuck me?

From her tone, Pepper knew that Chinelo was somehow privy to his session with Mama Aborbor and there was no use him denying it. But he didn’t acknowledge it either. Instead, his dislike for her tripled.

Pepper: So, for your mind, you feel say you dey threaten me?

Chinelo: I nor threaten you. I just dey tell you say if you fit fuck person wife, you still fit fuck me join. All follow for the kwakwa!

Pepper smiled evilly, propped his two pillows behind his back and sipped his drink, watching Chinelo through narrowed slits.

Chinelo: Broda Pepper, I sabi fuck o… nor be mawt. If I handle you here… you go fear, fear! Make I suck your preek fess make you see my skeels…

Pepper didn’t stop her as she knelt before him, reached for his boxers and dug out his dick. Her eyes widened at the size and she smiled lustfully at him.

Chinelo: This one go scatter person woum o…     *womb*

Pepper said nothing still but watched her take his dick into her mouth. He watched her suck his dick bravely, teasing his tip with her tongue and attempting to take him further down her mouth. He grudgingly admitted that she was indeed good at sucking dick and his traitorous preek was nodding to attention. Getting excited that he was responding to her ‘oral application’, Chinelo reached her other hand down to her gown, yanked it up and slipped her fingers into her panties… spreading her legs apart so Pepper can view her touching herself.


Pepper whiffed an unsavory odor that was battling to escape its ERATO prison. And the odor seemed to be coming from between Chinelo’s wide open legs. The odor wasn’t so strong but it was enough to kill Pepper’s erection. Chinelo that had been lapping away and rubbing her clit furiously paused as the dick visibly deflated before her very eyes. He pushed himself away from the mattress and stood up with a frown. She looked up at him, askance.

Chinelo: Wetin happun broda Pepper?

Pepper: Get up, get up, get up…. begin  comot for here.

Chinelo: wetin happun nah…. I bite you for preek by mistake?

Pepper gave her a look of pure dislike. His look steeled her. she closed her legs and got up slowly, still confused at what had gone wrong.

Pepper: (Impatiently) I say dey go!

Chinelo: (Irritated) Wetin sef… nor shat na? I go go but fess teh me wetin happun…

Pepper: Wetin happun be say YOUR TOTO DEY SMEH! Tueh!!!! You nor dey wash am? As you just open leg na so the smeh rush out like odormos! Ahn-ahn! better go Dr. Ayo Hospita go check am because this smeh nor be ordinary… e be like disease… abeg, abeg, comot for my room…

Chinelo was so embarrassed she found succor in rage.

Chinelo: Na God go punish you Broda Pepper! Idiot. Na your mama toto naim be odormos.

Pepper: Ehn? Chinelo? My mama? Wetin dey bring…?

Pepper grabs her by her upper arm and shoves her viciously out of his room. she staggers back and falls to the ground, toppling over a bucket of water in front of Sister Caro’s room.

Pepper: If you mention my mama again, I go beat you like where dem dey beat tiff. With your obukor smeh and rotten toto. Ayilara ashi!

Pepper slams his door shut. He digs into his bag and gets out his MANES perfume which he sprays liberally all around his room. then he turns on his small CD Player, slips in his African China CD and begins to play the music in full blast and begins to sing along as he sips the last of his drink.
“…Lead us well…nnem ehhh ooo… Guide us well… if you be Governor, Govern us well…. If you be Police, Police us well, nor dey take bribe…”

Outside, Chinelo had morphed into full time abuse and insults.

Chinelo: Bastard! You wey cuss dey follow. as you old reach, marry you no marry… pikin you no born. Idiot! Na God go punish you. you no go see pikin born for dis life.

Chinelo’s insults had drawn out a few people out of their rooms. Akpojor, a good-looking, 20year old certified Area Niggur/fine boy came out of their room alongside his friends who were with him. Papa Aborbor, Sister Caro and a few others also came out to investigate the cause of the ruckus.
Papa Aborbor: Chinelo na wetin? You and who dey quarrel now?

Chinelo: Nor be that useless animu wey dem dey call Pepper? Wey him preek not dey stay one place.

Papa Aborbor: Oh-oh! Una hear am? Him try to touch you abi?

Chinelo: Na bastard! Ogun naim go keel am for this life!

Just then, Mama Aborbor, with a big bag on her head and her son strapped to her back, enters the compound. As soon as Chinelo sees her she begins to laugh and clap mockingly.

Chinelo: Heeeey… Madam Pepper don come back.

Mama Aborbor stops in shock. Her husband helps her put the bag down and she stares at Chinelo in fear.

Mama Aborbor: Chinelo… na wetin be dis na?

Chinelo: No call my name there… useless woman. See am dey form better wife but when your husband comot, na Pepper preek you dey take do chin-stick! Ashawo… I go blow una secret out today.

All eyes turn to Mama Aborbor in surprise. The music blasting from Pepper’s room stops abruptly.

………………………… TO BE CONTINUED………………………

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