Mama Aborbor tried to free herself from Pepper’s grasp but she didn’t succeed. He held her fast with one hand and continued to wank with the other. Mama Aborbor’s heart beat fast. She averted her eyes and stared at and imaginary object behind her. But her body was about to betray her. The sheer size of Pepper’s cock had made her moist with need… but she was scared.

Pepper: Mama Aborbor, if you suck am, you no go die.

Mama Aborbor: (Panicked) Broda Pepper dem nor dey suck am. Our pastor talk am sef say anytin wey don pass make man put preek inside toto, na sin.

Pepper: Nor be sin… oya try am… just try am….

Mama Aborbor: … Broda Pepper, I no fit…

Pepper: I say try am fess… I no go let you comot for here o. Eheh! Just put the head for your mouth and suck am. If you no like am, wahala no dey there. I go comot am and I go let you go.

Mama Aborbor: How persin go take suck dis kain tin na…?

Pepper: Suck am like feeding bottle… or suck am like say you be small pikin wey dey suck bress.

Mama Aborbor exhaled and nervously looked down at Pepper’s cock. He was wanking faster now and breathing harder. She muttered in her dialect but her muttering stopped when Pepper grabbed her left breast and squeezed it lightly.

Pepper: (Breathlessly) Suck am…. jus put am for mouth make you suck am small.

Mama Aborbor got on her knees reluctantly. Down there, she couldn’t avoid staring at Pepper’s enormous cock. The way he stroked it fascinated her. She watched him, getting increasingly aroused.

Pepper: Open your mouth.

As if on voice prompt, she opened her mouth and he eased his fat cock inside, slowly, making sure only the head made its entrance. Instinctively, Mama Aborbor began to suck on it… slowly… like a baby sucking on  the teat of a baby-bottle. Pepper’s breathing turned shallow and a little groan escaped him. He held her head and pushed more of his cock into her mouth.

Mama Aborbor sucked on it with more confidence. The fact that Pepper groaned meant she was doing something right. She was wet under her wrapper and she wanted to be fucked but she still harbored fear. Outside her very first boyfriend who was a carpenter in the village, Papa Aborbor was the second man she ever slept with. Sadly, sex with Papa Aborbor left her empty and yearning for more. Tradition frowned at a woman being too sexually assertive so she buried her sexual discontent and concentrated on her children. Now, sucking on Broda Pepper’s cock and loving this new experience, she wanted to feel what it would be like to have him mount her.

Mama Aborbor: (Removing her mouth abruptly) Ha…. Broda Pepper, that tin dey comot from your preek…

Pepper: (Breathing really hard)  E never comot… that one na just the fess water wey dey come out. Just dey suck am dey go.

Mama Abor grimaced but continued sucking on his cock. Pepper pulls her hair forcefully and thrust his dick fully into her mouth. He removed it when he heard her gagging.

Pepper: Sorry… Oya get up.

Mama Aborbor: (Upset) Sebi I tell you say dem no dey put preek for mouth. See as e nearly wan make me vomit.

Pepper: No vex… you hear…. oya come… come…

He pulled her up and led her to the mattress on the floor, gently pushing her on-top of it. she lay down reluctantly with fear in her eyes. Pepper knelt beside her and tugged at her wrapper, but she held on to it tight.

Pepper: Mama Aborbor, corporate na…

Mama Aborbor: Broda Pepper, I dey fear. If person come cash us nkor?

Pepper: Na you go make dem cash us because you no wan corporate. By now we suppose don start to fuck….

Mama Aborbor: But Broda Pepper… you sef tink am… e get as e be….

Pepper sighed. He was getting exasperated and his hard-on was beginning to hurt. He reached for her breast and grabbed it, squeezing it gently. he felt her tremble and knew she wanted him too but was afraid. He had to erase the fear from her heart. Leaning towards her, he pulled out one full breast from her slacked brassiere and covered the nipple with his mouth. she gasped and stiffened, but Pepper was a master at this. He sucked the nipple softly while kneading the breast. Then he began to suck harder. a moan escaped Mama Aborbor and Pepper lifted his head to look at her with fevered gaze.

Pepper: Meek dey comot for your bress…

Mama Aborbor: I still dey give my pikin bress na….

Pepper: (Smacks his lips) I like bress meek…

He freed her second breast and sucked on that for a few. Mama Aborbor couldn’t control her moans. They were coming out more frequently now. When Pepper reached to yank her wrapper, she put up no resistance and even gladly helped him remove the offending material. Pepper lifted his head from her full breasts and let his eyes skim her body slowly till they came to rest on her underwear.  He noticed that though her panties looked old and faded, the crotch section had no stain. Pepper used a finger to lift the side of her panties exposing her bushy pussy. Mama Aborbor stiffened and tried to close her legs shut but Pepper stopped her.

Pepper: No close am o….

He slipped a finger into her and she stiffened even more, making a vain attempt to sit up. To stop her, he lay his full weight on her, pressing her back down on the bed. She muttered something in her language but her mutterings turned to moans when Pepper began to kiss her eyes, her cheek and her lips. She refused to open her mouth to allow him kiss her deeply so he transferred the kisses to her full breast. he could feel the heat emanating from her crotch and knew he had to enter at that moment.

Spreading her legs apart he grabbed his fat cock and guided it to her pussy. He pushed her underwear to one side of her labia and flicked his cock up and down the entrance of her pussy, feeling his dick head becoming slippery with her juice. Then he pressed in. Mama Aborbor screamed out in something akin to relief and sweet pain as he entered her. Her eyes widened as he slowly filled her pussy with his fat cock and stopped to allow her get used to his size. Then Pepper Began to fuck her….. hard! Mama Aborbor suddenly realized why they always heard screams whenever Pepper had a female guest. His tiny wasit was moving with a speed she never thought possible and he kept talking.

Pepper: Arrrrgh… this your toto ehn? E be like say the biabia don wound my preek o….

Mama Aborbor: Sorry… no ves. Yeeeeeeeh…. Broad Pepper oooo.

Pepper: Ahh…. e don taaay wey I dey find this your toto….

Mama Aborbor: yeeeeh… Broda Pepper… Broda Pepper…  yeeeeeh….

Pepper: Pepper go show your toto why him name be Pepper…. Aaaaaaahhhhh! But this your toto ehn….. chai!

Mama Aborbor: Broda Pepper o…. fuck me small-small nah… My body dey shake…..

Pepper: This toto nor be wetin dem dey fuck small, small….

Pepper thrust into her fast, using one hand to lift her leg up while he maintained his strokes. She moaned and clutched at his matress frantically. She was almost at her climax and the feeling of her first orgasm scared her.

Mama Aborbor: Yeeeeeh…. my body dey shake oooo, my body dey shake…… e get as my toto dey do me ooooo…. eeeeeh…broda Pepper…. Broda Pepper….

Pepper: (grunting) I go soon troway…. I go soon trowaaaay… I go troway inside your toto…. chai… uhmmmm….uhmmmm… arrrrrghhhh….

Mama Aborbor came, shaking like a leaf and jerking sporadically. The force of her cum shocking her as she jerked. Pepper came soon after, thrusting deep into her and depositing cum deep into her womb. He stopped moving and shot into her till he was spent. He leaned over her and smiled.

Pepper: Wetin dey do you?

Mama Aborbor: e be like say I wan sick…. my body just dey shake-shake.

Pepper laughed.

Pepper: You no wan sick. the tin wey dey happen be say I fuck you belleful… na now hand touch you.

Mama Aborbor: E fear me o…. (shyly) …But I like am.

Pepper: You suppose like am nau…. Your husband don fuck you like this before….

Mama Aborbor shook her head but didn’t say a word.

Pepper: Oya see toilet roll for there. Clean you toto and bend down make your nyash face me.

Mama Aborbor cleaned herself up and got on all fours. She was surprised to see that Pepper was still hard as a rock.

Mama Aborbor: Broda Pepper, I tink say you troway?

Pepper: I troway…. wetin happen?

Mama Aborbor: I surprise as your preek still stand.

Pepper: I mus fuck 2 round before the preek gree go down.

Pepper pulled down her panties and looked at the panty-crotch for any signs of a stain. He found none save for her slimy juice and traces of his cum.

Pepper: Nex time, abeg shave this biabia so that I fit suck your toto.

Mama Aborbor turned to look at him in horror.

Mama Aborbor: Suck wetin?

Pepper: Suck your toto. I sabi suck o. If I suck you ehn, you go shake pass this one wey you just shake.

Mama Aborbor: Na wa o. I no fit let you suck am o…

Pepper: Forget. Oya spread your leg…. you know this style wey I wan do you?

Mama Aborbor: No….

Pepper positioned his cock and entered her deep. She thrust her ass out, sinking her back low. Pepper grabbed her but the waist and thrust into her a dozen times without break. Then he pressed her back down till she her head lay on the pillow, leaving her ass in the air. Gazing at her round, fair buttocks, he thrust into her again and again. Her screams were very loud now and she was talking.

Mama Aborbor: Pepper oooo… Pepper don kee me today…. Pepper don take him prteek and blokos scatter my toto eeeeeh… pepper oooo…

Pepper: Make I stop? E dey pain you?

Mama aborbor: NO-ooooo. No stop oooo… No stop…. heuw Pepper oooo. My toto never see dis kain tin…..

Pepper: Urrrgh…. kain…. this your toto ehn? Haaa…..

Pepper rammed into her hard, enjoying her screams.

Mama Aborbor: My body don dey shake again ooooo….. heeeeuw…. heeeeuwwww…. broda Pepper don kee me oooo….

She came, clutching at the pillow and burying her face in it. Pepper kept fucking her till her legs actually began to shake and couldn’t hold her up.

Mama Aborbor: My toto dey pain me wan kain…. I done tire Broda Pepper

Pepper: Soooorrry….. arrrrghh….. I go sooon….. tro…. I go…. I go soon…. Urghhhh-Urgggghhhhh…. I dey trowaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Pepper shot cum into her again, clutching her ass and grunting as if in pain. He didn’t let her go immediately despite the fact that she could barely remain in the kneeling position because or her jerking.

Titus: Mama Aborbor…. I wan buy Maggi o…. Mama Aborbor….

The voice from outside startled them. Mama Aborbor, suddenly found the strength to get up and get dressed. Passion had disappeared from her eyes and was replaced by fear.

Mama Aborbor: I don die….

Titus: Mama Aborbor….? where you dey sef? E be like say your pikin don wake o.

Mama Aborbor: Eh… I don die oooo…… I no go fit just comot from here like dis na….

Pepper: Coo dan. Make I go outside go check say nobody dey there. If everi clear, I go shout “Anointing”… you hear?

Mama Aborbor nods and watches in trepidation as Pepper got dressed in his usual ultra-short boxers and eased himself out of his room without opening his door wide. Outside, Sister Caro was seated, washing plates.

Pepper: Sister Caro baby…. har far? How husband market? Any luck?

Sister Caro: Make God punish your mouth there…

Pepper laughed and makes to head out to the front of the compound where Mama Aborbor’s kiosk is located. He bent down, grabbed Sister Caro’s small 10liter Jerrycan with water and ran off with it. Naturally, Sister Caro chased after him angrily. Pepper screamed “Anointing” as he disappeared from the compound.

Mama Aborbor heard the “Anointing” call and eased herself out of Pepper’s room. She walked fast and headed for her room where the sound of her screaming child could be heard. She entered her room and stopped in shock; her eyes widening in  surprise. Seated on her bed was Chinelo. She was holding Mama Aborbor’s last son and trying to calm  him down.

Chinelo: (Shark grin) Ha… Mama Aborbor…. una don fuck finish?

Mama Aborbor frooze in shock.

(…………………………….. TO BE CONTINUED……………………..)

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