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“Sex is boring…end of!”

With that proclamation, Keka finished off the last pizza, daring anyone on the table to utter a word of condemnation for her mega appetite. This was the usual Friday evening gathering of friends, consisting of three boys and four girls; all childhood friends with nothing but loving memories of growing up, sharing relationship highs and lows and the occasional money rifts. The conversation on the table had shifted rapidly from football to home videos to American movies to mojo… it settled on mojo and surprisingly, refused to budge. Her motley crew were discussing the frills and thrills of sex and like the killjoy she was, Keka  and her disdain were an unpleasant twosome in the convo.

The gasp of outrage from her friends were audible even from the next table. To them, Keka had just committed sacrilege with her mouth and the gods of coitus was sure to strike her “Orege Junction” numb.

“You always say this and I think its because you’re lousy in bed” —– John!

“She was disvirgined by one kole-kole with tiny penis, so the thought of a real dick puts her off sex” —– Fegha!

“You can’t enjoy sex Keka… I heard from your last boyfriend that you are frigid” —– Pius!

Keka wasn’t mad at the comments. On the contrary, she laughed out loud. The three guys in question had slept with the other girls in their gang, interchanging them like badly connected wires. Sadly, they never got anywhere near her thighs. She loved them like brothers but she wasn’t prepared to have them grope her and turn their experience into beer-parlor gist. Besides, Pius did have a point. Her last boyfriend had complained that she was frigid…. he was one to talk; with his penis that was shaped like the letter C!

She shrugged nonchalantly and chugged down her beer as the sex talk continued, no thanks to Florence and her hot crotch! The babe was forever randy and the only time she wouldn’t need a penis was if she fell into a coma. That is not to say Susan and Evelyn were any better. As a matter of fact, all of Keka’s crew were in the randy-league, except for her. She shagged, if there was an available, willing penis with a nice body to go with it, but most times she masturbated. The last guy she had shagged, didn’t return for an encore because of her lack-luster performance. She knew how to please herself and could give herself multiple orgasms… (a feat no man had achieved with her) …if she so pleased.  She was quite fine, all by herself.

Keka was the proudly single, sensually-challenged ‘sisteh’ with a Wank-Medallion!

Several booze-filled arguments later, the crew found themselves in a huge living room. Keka vaguely remembered Simone, one of Fegha’s friends, inviting them to his home for drinks. The crew had eagerly poured themselves into Pius’ jalopy and sang “Tombo-Tunes”  drunkenly till they got to their destination. Keka remembered the boys whistling at the sight of the house and noticed that Florence had latched on to Simone with the tenacity of a leech. She was sure, Florence would give them a peep show tonight and she, Keka, was going to wank every step of the way during Florence’s surefire performance. You see, Florence had zero inhibition. You could fuck her in a crowded market place and she would still climax without a care.

The night was going well, the booze was flowing, Simone was being a good host and the discussion was on Jim Iyke’s music career (Bwahahahahahaaaaa.) Suddenly she felt the urge. Keka had drank to a state of fucklivion. It was kinda like her personal misnomer for “Fuck me Till Oblivion”. Keka rarely got to that stage except she took weed. Alas, she was weedless yet craving an orgasm like a drug user. She signaled their host and asked to be shown a room for her to “sort out some things.”

“Don’t mind her o… she wants to go and wank…” —– Florence!

“Wankatron! Wankatron!! Wankatron!!!” —– John!

“Hahahahaaaa…. Keka is in the fucklivion state…” —– Susan!

“Keka, should I borrow you my dildo? It’s in my bag o” —- Evelyn! (Eeeooow)

“Keka, shey I should follow you? I can cure your konji” —– Pius!


Keka ignored the verbal jabs and followed Simone to the nearest room. As she entered, she smiled her thanks and shoved him out of the room, locking the door and rushing to the bed. Her fingers shook in anticipation as her hand reached for her core. She was wet… wetter than usual. She knew that a few measure strokes on her clit would send her to climax-ville and she needed that release so badly.

Keka stroked herself fast, her fingers hitting her clit, her other hand squeezing her breast and her legs opened wide for maximum exploration. She moaned as she hit her climax, refusing to stop her furious fingers from rubbing her clit till she felt her hands shake as release coursed through her. Laying on the bed, spent and trying to gather her wits, she noticed she wasn’t alone. Simone was towering above her, his visible trouser bulge blurring his face for a nanosecond.

“The adjoining bathroom leads to another room and that door wasn’t locked.” —– Simone’s explanation.

Keka got up, unashamed that this stranger had seen her pleasure herself. She smiled at him mischievously and headed for the door without a word. He didn’t try to stop her. When she got back to the living room, she understood why. Before her very eyes, an mini orgy was taking place. Fegha was slurping away merrily on Susan’s privates, his dick moving in and out of Florence’s pussy… John’s dick was buried in Florence’s throat… Pius was in the process of impaling Evelyn, doggy-style while she sucked on Susan’s nipples hungrily. Keka stood there watching. She had seen them fuck before; had cheered them on and even taken notes on one occasion but tonight, the sight was surreal. She wanted to toss her inhibition and mock bravado aside and get mindlessly fucked. She wanted to experience the joys of coitus and scream aloud in ecstasy the way Florence did whenever she rode a dick.

Then she remembered Simone and his bulge. No point in wasting a perfectly good erection, neh…

Keka was back in the room looking for Simone… she heard water running and went into the adjoining bathroom in her harried search. Standing in the bathtub, holding the hand-held shower, gloriously naked, Simone was aiming his urine at the tub-drain with the precision of a mad mathematician. Keka wasted no time at all. She shed her clothes and joined him, smiling broadly at his brief confusion.

“There’s an orgy going on in there” —– Keka

“I don’t like orgies…” —– Simone

“I don’t like sex but hey…” —– Keka

“You don’t like sex because no one has lit that fire burning deep within you. When someone hits it, you’ll become a nympho.” —– Simone

“You wanna try to hit it?” —– Keka

Simone turned on the shower, making sure it was at the right tepid temperature. He unscrewed the showerhead and asked Keka to lay in the tub and spread her legs. Simone aimed the gushing water at Keka’s pussy, making sure the rushing force hit her clit. Keka clenched at the sensation. He moved the headless shower up and down slowly, the water hitting its mark so precisely that Keka screamed as her orgasm peaked unexpectedly. She clutched the sides of the bathtub for support while the gushing water beat at her clit till it throbbed out of control. Next, while she was trying to recover, Simone plugged the tub drain shut and ran water in the tub allowing it to fill as he leaned to take Keka’s nipple in his mouth. As the water filled the tub slowly, covering her body, he sucked on her nipples, taking them in turns; his tongue and teeth getting more urgent as they licked and grazed till the nipples stood in little peaks, sensitive and aching.

With the tub almost full, Simone positioned Keka on all fours, her full rounded ass still in the water. He rubbed his dick on the lips of her pussy, allowing the dickhead touch her already sensitive clit. Her slight moan turned into a scream of satisfaction as his dick bulldozed their way into her. His thrusts were slow and steady as he fucked her and watched the water ripple with his every thrust. Her ass bounced a little at every impact, sending up a little splash of water which fascinated him the more. She felt her knees slipping as his thrusts became more furious and the pace increased. She clutched at the bathtub desperately while he fucked her from behind, sending deep thrusts into her that made her scream out loud.

Then suddenly he pulled out… Just when she was about to peak. She turned to him incredulously, wondering why he stopped and saw little dribbles of cum oozing from dick. Her mouth itched to taste him but she didn’t. He got out of the tub gently urging her out and led her to the bed. He lay down and pulled her on top of him turning her in the 69position. Keka’s mouth greedily fastened on his dick, sucking  and licking his initial dribble. She took him in her mouth and attempted to deep-throat him and felt two fingers enter her pussy while his tongue licked her clit. She clenched her pussy muscles as he finger fucked her and sucked at her clit. Her concentration was lost. She used her hand to stroke, moaning loudly as she climaxed the third time that night. Simone tasted her slimy, salty essence and licked at it eagerly.

Shaking tiredly, he pulled her to lay beside him, allowing her catch her breath, . He positioned her on her side and spooned her lovingly; poking her soft round ass with his madly, throbbing dick. Lifting her leg slightly, he entered her from behind, clamped both legs together to give her pussy a certain tight feel and fucked her like a mad-man. Keka arched, pushing her ass back as she took the brunt of his thrusts. He groaned a little and increased his pace, fucking her so deep that her scream rent the air.

“I’m cumming!  I’m cumming… I’m cumming…. fuuuuuck!!!” —– Keka

“Argghhhh…. Argggghhhhhhhhh…. Oh fuck this pussy mehn… shit, shit, shit!!!!” —– Simone

In one final thrust, Simone buried himself deep within Keka and shot loads of cum into her.

Keka smiled to herself as she relived the session with Simone. That was a few hours ago. Now, the house had fallen silent, the skin against skin slapping noises from her crew had died down…Simone was sleeping soundly. She turned to look at him, sleeping peacefully and wondered why he didn’t snore. Keka could snore proudly for Africa and had a ready excuse for that little flaw… sinus issues.

Simone had awakened her to the joys of a penis… She doubts if she would ever stop wanking but for the now, she loved penis just fine. Her hand reached down to touch Simone’s dick and as if on cue, it bounced happily to life… yet its owner was dead to the world.

“Oh-well…” —– Keka’s thought as she straddled him and sank on his turgid dick.



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  1. Never knew a dick has a alphabetical shape…til I read dis…’Lyk letter C’ dame,you corrupting my already corrupt mind..

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