She had to say the words before she lost her nerve.

“Can I have a few minutes of your time.”

The words were rushed; forced maybe. She held her breath… nervous… waiting… expecting the eventual dismissal. He stared at her through thick, long feminine-looking lashes. His almost permanent scowl still hogging his face with a possessiveness one had to envy.

He said nothing. Instead, he slammed the booth of his gleaming SUV shut, turned and walked away from her. She watched him enter the car and drive out of the compound, leaving her standing at the courtyard with a wry smile. Judith had mustered her last shred of dignity to approach him and as usual, he was cold, unyielding and a right asshole. She slowly made her way back into the house. The relationship was over. She had known for quite some time but still she’d held on, hoping and praying that by some strange miracle, he would learn to love her. She realized now that it could never happen.

Mike could never love her. Luckily, her things were packed and ready. She was going to leave him. There was to be no goodbyes, no farewell speeches, no reminiscing. The item known as Mike and Judith was dead and buried.

Oddly, she wasn’t sad. She’d cried so much during the course of the relationship that it left her emotionally numb. All she felt now was nothingness. She wished she could do something to make him feel the pain he had put her through; the humiliation she felt when he openly chased after other girls in her presence… the degradation she experienced when he brought another girl to the house… the bitterness she endured when he fucked her without emotion and never bothered if she came or not.

Judith truly wanted to hurt him but how could she? There really was nothing she could do to scar him emotionally and she didn’t want to go physical on him. With a resigned sigh, she called for a red cab and went into the guest bedroom – which had become her bedroom – to change for her journey out of Mike’s life.

The sound of the gates opening brought her out of the room. Thinking her red cab had arrived, she dragged out her luggage into the living room before going to make sure the cab driver was parked up front. As she reached the front door, it was flung open from outside and hit her smack in the face. She reeled in surprise and pain and would have fallen if Phil hadn’t caught her on time. He steadied her with a worried frown as she winced in pain.

“I’m so sorry Judith… are you hurt?”

She was going to have a bruise on her forehead later but she managed a smile.

“I’m fine Phil”

“I’m really sorry… I didn’t know you were behind the door.”

Phil sounded genuinely concerned.

“Its alright,” she said to placate him.

He noticed her luggage and gave her a puzzled look.

“Travelling somewhere?”

“No,” she replied. “I’m leaving Mike… finally.”

Her troubled relationship was no secret to Phil. He’d been in the middle of several fights, trying to act as peacemaker. His attempts had always failed and he never bothered to get involve anymore. On several occasions, he had subtly told her to leave Mike but Judith refused and clung on to the relationship tenaciously.

“Does he know you’re leaving?” Phil asked her, a curious look on his face.

“No he doesn’t. I wanted to tell him but as usual he couldn’t spare a few minutes of his time to hear me out.”

Phil tried not to show the pity he felt. He had always been attracted to his brother’s girlfriend and couldn’t understand why she remained in the toxic relationship. He was glad to hear she was finally leaving him. She deserved better, he thought.

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out between you and Mike,” Phil said. “I’m sure he’ll realize his loss when you leave.”

Judith chuckled mirthlessly. She didn’t want Mike to realize; she wanted to scar him emotionally.

“I wish there was something I could do to hurt him… make his heart bleed and break his spirit,” Judith said calmly.

Phil considered his next words carefully before saying them.

“You could fuck me. That would totally kill him!”


Mike drove into his courtyard an hour later and was surprised to see a red cab parked inside his premises. On inquiry, he was told that Judith had called for the cab. At the mention of Judith’s name, his frown returned. He didn’t know how else he was going to send her packing, short of telling her to her face. He’d been deliberately cold, mean and downright evil to her; yet she stayed. She was like a leech that stuck to his skin, suffocating him with her niceness and understanding. Indeed, Judith was beautiful… far more beautiful than Zainab was but he loved Zainab. She was a sexual vixen that made his blood boil. Mike’s idea of love was simple;Fuck Me Silly equals Absolute Love.

…And he loved Zainab because she fucked him silly. Judith was sexually docile and had stopped exciting Mike in bed. He guessed he was going to have to throw her out if he really wanted her to leave.

On entering the house, he found Judith’s luggage by the door. She seemed to have taken the hint at last. He smiled broadly, but his smile quickly transformed into a curious frown. He could hear moans… erotic moans… coming from the guest bedroom. Mike’s curiosity tripled as he tried hard not to make any sound on his way there. He reached for the handle of the door and was surprised to find it unlocked. Opening the door tentatively, Mike peeked in.


Phil couldn’t understand why his brother treated Judith so badly. Her body was perfect. Her breasts stood full and proud; her waist was slim, she had the perfect well-rounded ass bordered by full hips and her vagina… her sweet vagina…. was the best he had ever had. He had an erection the minute she agreed to his plan. There had been a sudden heat in her eyes as she held his hand and led him into the guest-bedroom. The room smelled like her… the wild, sensual fragrance of Kenzo Safari; her perfume of choice.

Phil watched her undress and could feel his dick threatening to poke a hole through his combat trousers. Gloriously naked, Judith walked towards him, her walk sexy as hell, her full breast bouncing slightly and her lovely legs criss-crossing like a runway model. He had to set his dick free before it exploded. As Judith neared him, she saw his dick nod crazily and smiled. She kneeled before him and took him in her mouth, licking off his pre-cum before taking him deep. Phil groaned as she sucked at his dick, stopping occasionally to twirl her tongue around the ‘cap’ and graze on it softly with her teeth before resuming her sucking assault on his veined shaft. Phil almost shot his cum into her throat but pulled out of her mouth just in time and shot it on her neck instead.

Still turgid, Phil pulled her to her feet and led her to the bed. She refused to lay down on her back, rather, urging him to do so. He complied and put both hands behind his head as he watched her climb atop him. His dick was so stiff, he felt slight pains on his lower pelvis. He let out a loud groan as Judith settled herself on him; the pubic hair on her labia grazed his tender ‘cap’ as his dick struggled to enter her. She was tight and wet all at once and Phil had to will himself from cumming so soon.


Mike watched in paralyzed shock as Judith rode his brother like a demon-possessed vixen, her waist moving in ‘durty-whine’ mode. Phil thrust into her from underneath, making Judith scream out in pleasure. Mike stood there, mouth agape and watched his brother’s dick thrust in and out of his girlfriend; everything within him shattering into a million pieces. He watched Phil change their position with the swiftness of a pro…. pinning Judith underneath him with both hands on her waist, while he thrust into her furiously. Mike couldn’t believe that this screaming vixen that was taking the full length of his brother’s shaft was the same Judith he’d dated for three years and found sexually boring. She never fucked him like this. She never screamed this way when he fucked her. She never sucked his nipples or squeezed it when he neared climax. He didn’t think he had ever seen her climax.


Judith was about to cum when she saw Mike gawking at them. His eyes met hers. She didn’t alert Phil because she knew he was at his brink and to hurt their lone audience, she matched Phil thrust for thrust, jacking up her hips and receiving all of Phil’s dick-goodness inside her. He was far more endowed than his brother and though he was a little less skilled, Judith loved the way he fucked her.

She heard him grunt and knew he was shooting his seed into her. She grabbed his ass and squeezed it as she ground her pussy into the base of his dick, making sure her clit was making the appropriate friction while he gave her his final few thrusts. She moaned aloud as she climaxed, amazed that Phil didn’t stop thrusting despite the fact that he had already cum. Phil collapsed on her, breathing heavily and Judith turned to see if their audience had enjoyed the finale of their act. He was gone.


Mike was seated on the sofa, staring pensively ahead as Judith emerged from the bedroom, dressed and ready to leave. He turned to her, his hatred evident in his eyes. She wasn’t bothered; she was leaving him anyways. Without a word, she picked up her luggage and headed for the door. Phil had also emerged from the bedroom and stood rooted to the spot at the sight of his older brother. He looked flabbergasted. Judith had to stifle her laughter as she opened the front door.

“Judith, I hate you! I never want to see you ever again…. shameless slut,” Mike spat out at her.

Judith turned to him and smiled. She saw the hurt in his eyes… the slow death of his pride… the pain he felt. Her payback was complete and she had Phil to thank. Mike never gave her a few minutes of his time to talk or or be nice to her but he had given her a few minutes of his time to put up a sexual performance that was sure to hurt him for a long time.

“Yeah well, I don’t hate you. I just feel nothing for you…” She told him with a nonchalant shrug. She disappeared through the door, feeling strangely free and liberated as she tucked her luggage into the booth of the red cab and smiled as it drove out of the compound. Inside the house, Mike stared at Phil; his hurt at Phil’s betrayal evident. Phil gave Mike an apologetic look.

No words were spoken.


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