Dupe stood in front of “exposed”, an exclusive BDSM club on adeola odeku in victoria island Lagos. One she didn’t even know existed. Timi her boyfriend of two years had brought her here as a birthday gift. “Babes, come on, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind?” Timi said as he slowly ushered […]

“GO BOOR!!!!!! “Sebi I tell you say these rebels team sabi play. No be only fine boys dem get, they dey ball”. “Abegi, it’s just luck. They aren’t that good, if only the red devils hadn’t all gotten fat”. “Na so, that’s the voice of a guy whose team is losing”. This was the scene […]

He entered the gym to find her working out with light weights. She was early today, he thought as he walked past her. He flashed her a smile. She didn’t smile back. She never smiled back. In the one week since he’d gotten back and starting working out at this gym, she’d been the only […]

This story was sent in by a reader who has chosen to stay anonymous. You can send in your own erotic story to admin@damescaucus.com Sandra dressed quickly. She was nervous even though she knew she had no reason to. She was going to see… okay no, she was going to fuck someone she had fucked […]

HOLA!!!!!!!!!! *Dodges flying slippers… Pots… Carkeys… Pant* Don’t ‘Slew’ me just yet. Na vexation, brokeness and pepperbody naim make me no gree write o. Sometimes, one gets really tired of dishing out stories with little or no appreciation. Worse still, certain elements try to undermine my hard work by claiming that I ‘Copy & Paste’ […]

This post was written with SEAL’S song VISION blasting in the background and the image of a very HOT guy I stalk on INSTAGRAM rotating constantly in my head. Here’s hoping my un-named muse fucks quite as good as my ADNAN. MUSE QUOTE: “You and me in a room? EARTHQUAKE!” Enjoy!!!! __________________________________ “@AdnanFox is now […]

Today’s story was sent in by a huge fan of Dame’s Caucus. From what you’ll find out, she kinda writes like me and I’m quite impressed with her storyline. Now don’t critique her too bad people… BE NICE. ENJOY!!!!!! *************************** Four years together was beinging to take its toll on them. Just yesterday she had […]

NB: This post was deliberately written to exclude NACKING of any sort. Nobody should ask me to write another part o. This is THE END… Shikena! The crowd gathered outside the police station was growing and the police officers were finding it hard to control them. Inside the station was even worse. Pepper was behind […]